如何使用 Configuration Manager 控制台How to use the Configuration Manager console

适用范围: Configuration Manager (Current Branch)Applies to: Configuration Manager (current branch)

管理员使用 Configuration Manager 控制台管理 Configuration Manager 环境。Administrators use the Configuration Manager console to manage the Configuration Manager environment. 本文介绍导航控制台的基础知识。This article covers the fundamentals of navigating the console.

打开控制台Open the console

Configuration Manager 控制台始终安装在每个站点服务器上。The Configuration Manager console is always installed on every site server. 你还可以将其安装在其他计算机上。You can also install it on other computers. 有关详细信息,请参阅安装 Configuration Manager 控制台For more information, see Install the Configuration Manager console.

在 Windows 10 计算机上打开控制台的最简单方法是按“开始”并键入 Configuration Manager consoleThe simplest method to open the console on a Windows 10 computer, press Start and start typing Configuration Manager console. 你可能无需为 Windows 键入整个字符串就可找到最佳匹配。You may not need to type the entire string for Windows to find the best match.

如果浏览“开始”菜单,请在“Microsoft Endpoint Manager”组中查找“Configuration Manager 控制台”图标 。If you browse the Start menu, look for the Configuration Manager console icon in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager group.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager“开始”菜单图标


版本 1910 中的“开始”菜单路径已更改。The Start menu path changed in version 1910. 在 1906 及更早版本中,文件夹名为“System Center” 。In version 1906 and earlier, the folder name is System Center. 将 Configuration Manager 更新到 1910 或更高版本时,请确保更新你维护的任何内部文档以包含此新位置。When you update Configuration Manager to version 1910 or later, make sure to update any internal documentation that you maintain to include this new location.

连接到站点服务器Connect to a site server

控制台可连接到管理中心站点服务器或主站点服务器。The console connects to your central administration site server or to your primary site servers. 但是,无法将 Configuration Manager 控制台连接到辅助站点。You can't connect a Configuration Manager console to a secondary site. 安装过程中,指定控制台连接的站点服务器的完全限定的域名 (FQDN)。During installation, you specified the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the site server to which the console connects.

要连接到其他站点服务器,请按以下步骤操作:To connect to a different site server, use the following steps:

  1. 选择功能区顶部的箭头,然后选择“连接到新站点” 。Select the arrow at the top of the ribbon, and choose Connect to a New Site.


  2. 键入站点服务器的 FQDN。Type in the FQDN of the site server. 如果之前已连接到站点服务器,可从下拉列表中选择服务器。If you've previously connected to site server, select the server from the drop-down list.

    站点连接窗口,输入站点服务器的 FQDN

  3. 选择“连接”。Select Connect.

从版本 1810 开始,可以为管理员指定访问 Configuration Manager 站点的最低身份验证级别。Starting in version 1810, you can specify the minimum authentication level for administrators to access Configuration Manager sites. 此功能强制管理员以要求的级别登录到 Windows。This feature enforces administrators to sign in to Windows with the required level. 有关详细信息,请参阅规划 SMS 提供程序For more information, see Plan for the SMS Provider.

控制台的某些区域可能未显示,具体取决于所分配的安全角色。Some areas of the console may not be visible depending on your assigned security role. 有关角色的详细信息,请参阅基于角色的管理基础For more information about roles, see Fundamentals of role-based administration.


Configuration Manager 控制台中有四个工作区 :The Configuration Manager console has four workspaces:

  • 资产和符合性Assets and Compliance

  • 软件库Software Library

  • 监视Monitoring

  • 管理Administration

带上下文菜单的 Configuration Manager 工作区

选择向下箭头并选择“导航窗格选项”,可对工作区按钮重新进行排序 。Reorder workspace buttons by selecting the down arrow and choosing Navigation Pane Options. 选中某个项“上移”或“上移” 。Select an item to Move Up or Move Down. 单击“重置”还原默认按钮顺序 。Select Reset to restore the default button order.


选择“显示更少按钮”可最小化工作区按钮 。Minimize a workspace button by selecting Show Fewer Buttons. 列表中的最后一个工作区首先最小化。The last workspace in the list is minimized first. 选择已最小化的按钮并选择“显示更多按钮”即可将按钮恢复为原始大小 。Select a minimized button and choose Show More Buttons to restore the button to its original size.

Configuration Manager 控制台中最小化的工作区


工作区是一系列节点 。Workspaces are a collection of nodes. 其中一个节点是“软件库”工作区中的“软件更新组”节点 。One example of a node is the Software Update Groups node in the Software Library workspace.

在节点中可选择箭头以最小化导航窗格。Once you are in the node, you can select the arrow to minimize the navigation pane.


当导航窗格处于最小化时,使用“导航栏”在控制台中移动 。Use the navigation bar to move around the console when you minimize the navigation pane.

最小化的 Configuration Manager 导航窗格

在控制台中,节点有时会被整理到文件夹中。In the console, nodes are sometimes organized into folders. 选择文件夹时,通常会显示导航索引或仪表板 。When you select the folder, it usually displays a navigation index or a dashboard.

Configuration Manager 软件更新导航索引


功能区位于 Configuration Manager 控制台顶部。The ribbon is at the top of the Configuration Manager console. 功能区可以有多个选项卡,且可使用右侧的箭头将其最小化。The ribbon can have more than one tab and can be minimized using the arrow on the right. 功能区上的按钮数量因节点而异。The buttons on the ribbon change based on the node. 上下文菜单中也提供了功能区中的大多数按钮。Most of the buttons in the ribbon are also available on context menus.


细节窗格Details pane

若要获取有关项的其他信息,可查看细节窗格。You can get additional information about items by reviewing the details pane. 细节窗格中可以有一个或多个选项卡。The details pane can have one or more tabs. 选项卡的数量因节点而异。The tabs vary depending on the node.

Configuration Manager 示例细节窗格


可添加、删除、重新排列并调整列的大小。You can add, remove, reorder, and resize columns. 通过这些操作,可让系统显示你喜欢的数据。These actions allow you to display the data you prefer. 可用列的数量因节点而异。Available columns vary depending on the node. 要在视图中添加或删除列,请右键单击现有列标题,然后选择其中一项。To add or remove a column from your view, right-click on an existing column heading and select an item. 将列标题拖动到想要的位置即可对其重新排序。Reorder columns by dragging the column heading where you would like it to be.

Configuration Manager 添加列

在列上下文菜单的底部,可以按列进行排序或分组。At the bottom of the column context menu, you can sort or group by a column. 另外,也可通过选择列标题对列进行排序。Additionally, you can sort by a column by selecting its header.

Configuration Manager 按列分组

回收锁定以编辑对象Reclaim lock for editing objects

如果 Configuration Manager 控制台停止响应,你可能会被锁定而无法做出进一步更改,直到 30 分钟后锁定到期。If the Configuration Manager console stops responding, you can be locked out of making further changes until the lock expires after 30 minutes. 此锁定是 Configuration Manager SEDO(分布式对象的序列化编辑)系统的一部分。This lock is part of the Configuration Manager SEDO (Serialized Editing of Distributed Objects) system. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Configuration Manager SEDOFor more information, see Configuration Manager SEDO.

当前分支版本 1906 开始,可以清除对任务序列的锁定。Starting in current branch version 1906, you could clear your lock on a task sequence. 从版本 1910 开始,可以清除对 Configuration Manager 控制台中任何对象的锁定。Starting in version 1910, you can clear your lock on any object in the Configuration Manager console.

此操作仅适用于被锁定的用户帐户,并且仅可在站点授予锁定的同一设备上执行。This action only applies to your user account that has the lock, and on the same device from which the site granted the lock. 尝试访问已锁定的对象时,现在可以放弃更改,并继续编辑对象 。When you attempt to access a locked object, you can now Discard Changes, and continue editing the object. 锁定过期时这些更改将丢失。These changes would be lost anyway when the lock expired.

查看最近连接的控制台View recently connected consoles

从版本 1902 开始,可以查看 Configuration Manager 控制台的最新连接。Starting in version 1902, you can view the most recent connections for the Configuration Manager console. 视图包括活动连接和最近连接。The view includes active connections and those connections that recently connected. 始终可在列表中看到当前控制台连接,并且只能看见来自 Configuration Manager 控制台的连接。You'll always see your current console connection in the list and you only see connections from the Configuration Manager console. 而看不到 PowerShell 或其他基于 SDK 的到 SMS 提供程序的连接。You won't see PowerShell or other SDK-based connections to the SMS Provider. 该站点将从列表中删除 30 天以前的实例。The site removes instances from the list that are older than 30 days.

查看已连接控制台的先决条件Prerequisites to view connected consoles

  • 帐户需要 SMS_Site 对象的读取权限 Your account needs the Read permission on the SMS_Site object

  • 配置管理服务 REST API。Configure the administration service REST API. 有关详细信息,请参阅什么是管理服务?For more information, see What is the administration service?

查看已连接控制台View connected consoles

  1. 在 Configuration Manager 控制台中,转到“管理” 工作区。In the Configuration Manager console, go to the Administration workspace.

  2. 展开“安全”并选择“控制台连接”节点 。Expand Security and select the Console Connections node.

  3. 查看具有以下属性的最近连接:View the recent connections, with the following properties:

    • 用户名User name
    • 计算机名Machine name
    • 已连接的站点代码Connected site code
    • 控制台版本Console version
    • 上次连接时间:用户上一次打开控制台的时间 Last connected time: When the user last opened the console
    • 自版本 1910 开始,“上次控制台检测信号”列已替换“上次连接时间”列 。Starting in version 1910, the Last Console Heartbeat column has replaced the Last Connected Time column.
      • 在前台打开的一个控制台每 10 分钟发送一次检测信号。An open console in the foreground sends a heartbeat every 10 minutes.

查看 Configuration Manager 控制台连接

从控制台连接启动 Microsoft Teams 聊天Start Microsoft Teams Chat from Console Connections

(从版本 1910 中引入) (Introduced in version 1910)

从版本 1910 开始,你可以使用 Microsoft Teams 从“控制台连接”节点向其他 Configuration Manager 管理员发送消息 。Starting in version 1910, you can message other Configuration Manager administrators from the Console Connections node using Microsoft Teams. 当你选择向管理员“启动 Microsoft Teams 聊天”时,将启动 Microsoft Teams 并打开与用户的聊天 。When you choose to Start Microsoft Teams Chat with an administrator, Microsoft Teams is launched and a chat is opened with the user.


启动 Microsoft Teams 聊天Start Microsoft Teams Chat

  1. 转到“管理” > “安全” > “控制台连接” 。Go to Administration > Security > Console Connections.
  2. 右键单击用户的控制台连接,并选择“启动 Microsoft Teams 聊天” 。Right-click on a user's console connection and select Start Microsoft Teams Chat.
    • 如果找不到所选管理员的用户主体名称,则“启动 Microsoft Teams 聊天” 显示为灰色。If the User Principal Name isn't found for the selected administrator, Start Microsoft Teams Chat is grayed out.
    • 如果在运行控制台的设备上没有安装 Microsoft Teams,则会出现一条错误消息,包括一个下载链接。An error message, including a download link, appears if Microsoft Teams isn't installed on the device from which you run the console.
    • 如果在运行控制台的设备上安装了 Microsoft Teams,它将打开与用户的聊天。If Microsoft Teams is installed on the device from which you run the console, it will open a chat with the user.

已知问题Known issues

如果下列注册表项不存在,则不会显示通知 Microsoft Teams 未安装的错误消息:The error message notifying you that Microsoft Teams isn't installed won't be displayed if the following Registry key doesn't exist:


若要解决此问题,请手动创建注册表项。To work around the issue, manually create the Registry key.

控制台中的文档仪表板In-console documentation dashboard

从 Configuration Manager 版本 1902 起,新“社区”工作区包含“文档”节点。 Starting in Configuration Manager version 1902, there's a Documentation node in the new Community workspace. 此节点包含有关 Configuration Manager 文档和支持文章的最新信息。This node includes up-to-date information about Configuration Manager documentation and support articles. 它包括以下部分:It includes the following sections:

产品文档库Product documentation library

  • 推荐:重要文章的手动特选列表。Recommended: a manually curated list of important articles.
  • 趋势:上个月的最热门文章。Trending: the most popular articles for the last month.
  • 最近更新:上个月修订的文章。Recently updated: articles revised in the last month.

支持文章Support articles

  • 疑难解答文章:用来帮助排查 Configuration Manager 组件和功能问题的演练指南。Troubleshooting articles: guided walkthroughs to assist with troubleshooting Configuration Manager components and features.
  • 新的和更新的支持文章:过去两个月新的或更新的支持文章。New and updated support articles: articles that are new or updated in the last two months.

排查连接错误Troubleshooting connection errors

Documentation 节点没有显式代理配置。The Documentation node has no explicit proxy configuration. 它使用“Internet 选项” 控制面板小程序中的任意操作系统定义的代理。It uses any OS-defined proxy in the Internet Options control panel applet. 若要在连接错误后重试,请刷新 Documentation 节点。To retry after a connection error, refresh the Documentation node.

命令行选项Command-line options

Configuration Manager 控制台提供下列命令行选项:The Configuration Manager console has the following command-line options:

选项Option 说明Description
/sms:debugview=1 DebugView 包含在用于指定视图的所有 ResultView 中。A DebugView is included in all ResultViews that specify a view. DebugView 显示原始属性(名称和值)。DebugView shows raw properties (names and values).
/sms:NamespaceView=1 在控制台中显示命名空间视图。Shows namespace view in the console.
/sms:ResetSettings 控制台忽略用户保留的连接和视图状态。The console ignores user-persisted connection and view states. 窗口大小未重置。The window size isn't reset.
/sms:IgnoreExtensions 禁用任何 Configuration Manager 扩展。Disables any Configuration Manager extensions.
/sms:NoRestore 控制台忽略之前保留的节点导航。The console ignores previous persisted node navigation.

后续步骤Next steps