Configuration Manager 的更新和服务Updates and servicing for Configuration Manager

适用范围: Configuration Manager (Current Branch)Applies to: Configuration Manager (current branch)

Configuration Manager 使用称为“更新和服务”的控制台中服务方法。Configuration Manager uses an in-console service method called Updates and Servicing. 通过此控制台中方法,可轻松找到并安装 Configuration Manager 基础结构的建议更新。This in-console method makes it easy to find and install recommended updates for your Configuration Manager infrastructure. 控制台内服务由带外更新(如修补程序)补充。In-console servicing is supplemented by out-of-band updates such as hotfixes. 带外更新适用于需要解决其环境特定问题的客户。The out-of-band updates are intended for customers who need to resolve issues that might be specific to their environment.


“升级”、“更新”和“安装”这三个术语在 Configuration Manager 中用于描述三个独立概念 。The terms upgrade , update , and install are used to describe three separate concepts in Configuration Manager. 若要详细了解每个术语的使用方法,请参阅关于升级、更新和安装For more information about how each term is used, see About upgrade, update, and install.

基准和更新版本Baseline and update versions

在新的层次结构中安装新站点时,请使用最新的基准版本。Use the latest baseline version when you install a new site in a new hierarchy.

  • 也可使用基准版本从 System Center 2012 Configuration Manager 升级。Also use a baseline version to upgrade from System Center 2012 Configuration Manager.

  • 升级到 Configuration Manager Current Branch 之后,请勿使用基准版本以保持最新状态。After upgrading to Configuration Manager current branch, don't use baseline versions to stay current. 而是仅使用控制台中更新来更新到最新版本。Instead, only use in-console updates to update to the newest version.

  • 我们会定期发布其他基准版本。Periodically, additional baseline versions are released. 使用最新基准版本安装新的层次结构时,应避免安装过期或不受支持的 Configuration Manager 版本,然后再次升级基础结构以使其保持最新状态。When you use the latest baseline version to install a new hierarchy, you avoid installing an outdated or unsupported version of Configuration Manager, followed by an additional upgrade of your infrastructure to bring it up-to-date.

安装基准版本之后,其他版本的 Configuration Manager 都可用作控制台中更新。After you install a baseline version, additional versions of Configuration Manager are available as in-console updates. 控制台中更新可将你的基础结构更新为最新版本的 Configuration Manager。In-console updates update your infrastructure to the latest version of Configuration Manager.

  • 请安装控制台中更新来更新顶层站点的版本。You install in-console updates to update the version of your top-level site.

  • 子主站点会自动安装管理中心站点安装的更新。Updates you install at the central administration site automatically install at child primary sites. 通过在主站点使用服务时段来控制此时间。Control this timing by using a service window at the primary site. 有关详细信息,请参阅服务时段For more information, see Service Windows.

  • 手动在控制台中将辅助站点更新到新的更新版本。Manually update secondary sites to a new update version from within the console.

安装更新时,更新会将该版本的安装文件存储在站点服务器上名为 CD.Latest 的文件夹中。When you install an update, the update stores installation files for that version on the site server in a folder named CD.Latest. 有关这些文件的详细信息,请参阅 CD.Latest 文件夹For more information about these files, see The CD.Latest folder.

  • 在站点恢复期间,使用 CD.Latest 文件夹中的文件。Use the files in the CD.Latest folder during site recovery. 另外,层次结构不再运行基准版本时,请使用这些文件来安装其他站点。Also, when your hierarchy no longer runs a baseline version, use these files to install additional sites.

  • 不能使用 CD.Latest 中的安装文件来安装新层次结构的首个站点,或从 System Center 2012 Configuration Manager 升级站点。You can't use installation files from CD.Latest to install the first site of a new hierarchy, or to upgrade a site from System Center 2012 Configuration Manager.

版本详细信息Version details

Configuration Manager 的某些更新可用作现有基础结构的控制台中更新版本,以及新的基准版本。Some updates for Configuration Manager are available as both an in-console update version for existing infrastructure, and as a new baseline version.

支持的版本Supported versions

以下受支持版本的 Configuration Manager 目前可用作基准和/或更新:The following supported versions of Configuration Manager are currently available as a baseline, an update, or both:

版本Version 可用日期Availability date 支持结束日期Support end date BaselineBaseline 控制台内更新In-console update
2020 年 8 月11 日August 11, 2020 2022 年 2 月 11 日February 11, 2022 No Yes
2020 年 4 月 1 日April 1, 2020 2021 年 10 月 1 日October 1, 2021 注释 1YesNote 1 Yes
2019 年 11 月 29 日November 29, 2019 2021 年 5 月 29 日May 29, 2021 No Yes
2019 年 7 月 26 日July 26, 2019 2021 年 1 月 26 日January 26, 2021 No Yes
2018 年 11 月 27 日November 27, 2018 2020 年 12 月 1 日December 1, 2020 No Yes

“可用性日期”是早期更新通道发布的日期。The Availability date is when the early update ring is released. 更新在全球发布后,批量许可服务中心将提供基线介质。Baseline media will be available on the Volume License Service Center after the update is globally available.


备注 1:批量许可服务中心 (VLSC),基线介质在以下版本中提供:Note 1: The baseline media is available as part of the following releases on the Volume License Service Center (VLSC):

  • Microsoft Endpoint Configmgr(当前分支)Microsoft Endpoint Configmgr (current branch)
  • System Center DatacenterSystem Center Datacenter
  • System Center StandardSystem Center Standard

例如,在 VLSC 中搜索 Microsoft Endpoint Configmgr (current branch)For example, search the VLSC for Microsoft Endpoint Configmgr (current branch). 在文件列表中找到基线介质,然后下载对应的版本。Find the baseline media in the list of files, and download for that release.

历史版本Historical versions

下表列出了不受支持的 Configuration Manager Current Branch 的历史版本:The following table lists historical versions of Configuration Manager current branch that are out of support:

版本Version 可用日期Availability date 支持结束日期Support end date BaselineBaseline 控制台内更新In-console update
2019 年 3 月 27 日March 27, 2019 2020 年 9 月 27 日September 27, 2020 Yes Yes
2018 年 7 月 31 日July 31, 2018 2020 年 1 月 31 日January 31, 2020 No Yes
2018 年 3 月 22 日March 22, 2018 2019 年 9 月 22 日September 22, 2019 Yes Yes
2017 年 11 月 20 日November 20, 2017 2019 年 5 月 20 日May 20, 2019 No Yes
2017 年 7 月 31 日July 31, 2017 2018 年 7 月 31 日July 31, 2018 No Yes
2017 年 3 月 27 日March 27, 2017 2018 年 3 月 27 日March 27, 2018 Yes Yes
2016 年 11 月 18 日November 18, 2016 2017 年 11 月 18 日November 18, 2017 No Yes
2016 年 7 月 22 日July 22, 2016 2017 年 7 月 22 日July 22, 2017 No Yes
1606 (KB3186654)1606 with KB3186654
2016 年 10 月 12 日October 12, 2016 2017 年 10 月 12 日October 12, 2017 Yes No
2016 年 3 月 11 日March 11, 2016 2017 年 3 月 11 日March 11, 2017 No Yes
2015 年 12 月 8 日December 8, 2015 2016 年 12 月 8 日December 8, 2016 Yes No

如何检查版本How to check the version

若要查看 Configuration Manager 站点的版本,请转到控制台左上角的“关于 Configuration Manager”。To check the version of your Configuration Manager site, in the console go to About Configuration Manager at the top-left corner of the console. 对话框会显示站点和控制台版本。This dialog displays the site and console versions.


控制台版本与站点版本略有不同。The console version is slightly different from the site version. 控制台的次要版本对应于 Configuration Manager 发行版。The minor version of the console corresponds to the Configuration Manager release version. 例如,在 Configuration Manager 1802 版中,初始站点版本为 5.0.8634.1000,初始控制台版本为 5. 1802.1082.1700。For example, in Configuration Manager version 1802 the initial site version is 5.0.8634.1000, and the initial console version is 5. 1802.1082.1700. 内部版本号 (1082) 和修订版本号 (1700) 可能会随未来修补程序而发生变化。The build (1082) and revision (1700) numbers may change with future hotfixes.

控制台中更新和服务In-console updates and servicing

使用 Configuration Manager Current Branch 的生产就绪型安装时,可通过“更新和维护服务”渠道获得大部分更新。When you use a production-ready installation of Configuration Manager current branch, most updates are available using the Updates and Servicing channel. 此方法可标识、下载并提供适用于当前基础结构版本和配置的更新。This method identifies, downloads, and makes available the updates that apply to your current infrastructure version and configuration. 它仅包含 Microsoft 为所有客户推荐的更新。It includes only updates that Microsoft recommends for all customers.

这些更新包括:These updates include:

  • 新版本,如版本 1910、2002 或 2006。New versions, like version 1910, 2002, or 2006.

  • 包括当前版本新功能的更新。Updates that include new features for your current version.

  • 修补程序,适用于你的 Configuration Manager 版本,所有客户都应安装。Hotfixes for your version of Configuration Manager and that all customers should install.


    从 1902 版本开始,控制台内修补程序现具有取代关系。Starting in version 1902, in-console hotfixes now have supersedence relationships. 有关详细信息,请参阅控制台内修补程序的取代For more information, see Supersedence for in-console hotfixes.

控制台中更新可提供更强的稳定性并解决常见的问题。The in-console updates deliver increased stability and resolve common issues. 它们可替代早期产品版本的更新类型,如服务包、累积更新、适用于所有客户的修补程序以及 Microsoft Intune 的扩展。They replace the update types seen for previous product versions such as service packs, cumulative updates, hotfixes that are applicable to all customers, and the extension for Microsoft Intune.

这些控制台中更新可应用于以下一种或多种系统:The in-console updates can apply to one or more of the following systems:

  • 主站点和管理中心站点服务器Primary and central administration site servers

  • 站点系统角色和站点系统服务器Site system roles and site system servers

  • SMS 提供程序的实例Instances of the SMS Provider

  • Configuration Manager 控制台Configuration Manager consoles

  • Configuration Manager 客户端Configuration Manager clients

Configuration Manager 可为你发现新的更新。Configuration Manager discovers new updates for you. 使用 Microsoft 云服务同步 Configuration Manager 服务连接点时,注意以下行为:Synchronize your Configuration Manager service connection point with the Microsoft cloud service, noting the following behaviors:

  • 当服务连接点处于联机模式时,站点每天都会与 Microsoft 同步。When your service connection point is in online mode, your site synchronizes with Microsoft every day. 它会自动确定适用于基础结构的新更新。It automatically identifies new updates that apply to your infrastructure. 要下载更新和可再发行的文件,承载服务连接点站点系统角色的计算机需使用“系统”上下文访问以下 Internet 位置 和。To download updates and redistributable files, the computer that hosts the service connection point site system role uses the System context to access the following internet locations: and 有关服务连接点使用的其他位置的详细信息,请参阅 Internet 访问要求For more information about additional locations used by the service connection point, see Internet access requirements.

  • 当服务连接点处于脱机模式时,请使用服务连接工具手动与 Microsoft 云同步。When your service connection point is in offline mode, use the service connection tool to manually sync with the Microsoft cloud. 有关详细信息,请参阅使用服务连接工具For more information, see Use the service connection tool.

  • 凭借控制台中更新,无需再单独查找和安装单个更新、服务包和新功能。In-console updates replace the need to independently locate and install individual updates, service packs, and new features.

  • 仅安装选择的控制台中更新。Install only the in-console updates you choose. 安装某些更新时,可以选择启用或使用个别功能。When installing some updates, you can select individual features to enable and use. 有关详细信息,请参阅启用更新中的可选功能For more information, see Enable optional features from updates.

安装控制台中更新时会出现以下过程:When you install an in-console update, the following process occurs:

  • 它将自动运行先决条件检查。It automatically runs a prerequisite check. 也可以先手动运行此检查,然后再开始安装。You can also manually run this check prior to starting the installation.

  • 它安装在环境中的顶级站点上。It installs at the top-level site in your environment. 此站点是管理中心站点(如果有)。This site is the central administration site if you have one. 在层次结构中,更新会在主站点上自动安装。In a hierarchy, the update automatically installs at primary sites. 可以通过使用站点服务器的服务时段控制允许每个主站点服务器更新的时间。Control when each primary site server is allowed to update by using Service windows for site servers.

  • 站点服务器更新后,会自动更新受影响的所有站点系统角色。After a site server updates, all affected site system roles automatically update. 这些角色包括 SMS 提供程序的实例。These roles include instances of the SMS Provider. 站点安装更新后,Configuration Manager 控制台还会提示控制台用户更新控制台。After the site installs the update, Configuration Manager consoles also prompt the console user to update the console.

  • 如果更新包括 Configuration Manager 客户端,还会提供在预生产中测试更新或立即将更新应用到所有客户端的选项。If an update includes the Configuration Manager client, you're offered the option to test the update in pre-production, or to apply the update to all clients immediately.

  • 更新主站点后,辅助站点不会自动更新。After a primary site is updated, secondary sites don't automatically update. 而是必须手动启动辅助站点更新。Instead, you must manually initiate the secondary site update.


Configuration Manager Current Branch、Long-Term Servicing Branch 和 Technical Preview Branch 是不同的版本。The Configuration Manager current branch, the long-term servicing branch, and the technical preview branch are different releases. 适用于一个分支的更新无法作为其他分支的控制台中更新。Updates that apply for one branch aren't available as in-console updates for the other branches. 有关可用分支的详细信息,请参阅我应使用 Configuration Manager 的哪一个分支?For more information about available branches, see Which branch of Configuration Manager should I use?.

控制台内修补程序的取代Supersedence for in-console hotfixes

从 1902 版本开始,控制台内修补程序现具有取代关系。Starting in version 1902, in-console hotfixes now have supersedence relationships. Microsoft 发布新的 Configuration Manager 修补程序时,控制台不会显示任何由这个新的修补程序取代的修补程序。When Microsoft publishes a new Configuration Manager hotfix, the console doesn't display any hotfixes that are superseded by this new hotfix. 这一新行为可帮助你更好地确定要安装哪些修补程序。This new behavior helps you better determine which hotfixes to install.

取代示例Supersedence example

有三个修补程序可用:Hotfix-A、Hotfix-B 和 Hotfix-C。There are three hotfixes available: Hotfix-A, Hotfix-B, and Hotfix-C. Hotfix-B 取代 Hotfix-A,Hotfix-C 取代 Hotfix-B。Hotfix-A is superseded by Hotfix-B, and Hotfix-B is superseded by Hotfix-C.

Hotfix-AHotfix-A Hotfix-BHotfix-B Hotfix-CHotfix-C 控制台内视图In-console view
未安装Not installed 未安装Not installed 未安装Not installed 显示全部的三个修补程序Show all three hotfixes
已安装Installed 已安装Installed 未安装Not installed Hotfix-B 显示为已安装Hotfix-B shows as installed
Hotfix-C 显示为已准备好安装Hotfix-C shows as ready to install
未安装Not installed 未安装Not installed 已安装Installed Hotfix-C 显示为已安装Hotfix-C shows as installed

带外修补程序Out-of-band hotfixes

在处理特定问题方面,某些修补程序会有一定限制。Some hotfixes release with limited availability to address specific issues. 其他修补程序适用于所有客户,但无法使用控制台中方法进行安装。Other hotfixes are applicable to all customers but can't install using the in-console method. 这些修补程序在带外提供,Microsoft 云服务不会发现。These fixes are delivered out-of-band and not discovered from the Microsoft cloud service.

通常情况下,如果正在寻求修复或解决 Configuration Manager 部署问题的方法,可通过 Microsoft 客户支持服务、Microsoft 支持知识库文章或 Configuration Manager 团队博客了解带外修补程序。Typically, when you're seeking to fix or address a problem with your deployment of Configuration Manager, you can learn about out-of-band hotfixes from Microsoft customer support services, a Microsoft support knowledge base article, or the Configuration Manager team blog.

请使用以下两种方法中的一种方法来手动安装这些修补程序:Install these fixes manually, using one of the following two methods:

更新注册工具Update Registration Tool

此工具用于将修补程序手动导入 Configuration Manager 控制台。This tool manually imports the hotfix into your Configuration Manager console. 然后按照安装自动发现的控制台中更新的方法来安装更新。Then install the update as you would in-console updates that are discovered automatically.

此方法适用于采用以下文件名结构的修补程序:This method is used for hotfixes that use the following file name structure:
<Product>-<product version>-<KB article ID>-ConfigMgr.Update.exe

有关详细信息,请参阅使用更新注册工具导入修补程序For more information, see Use the update registration tool to import hotfixes.

修补程序安装程序Hotfix Installer

使用此工具可手动安装无法使用控制台内方法安装的修补程序。Use this tool to manually install a hotfix that can't be installed using the in-console method.

此方法适用于采用以下文件名结构的修补程序:This method is used for fixes that use the following file name structure:
<Product>-<product version>-<KB article ID>-<platform>-<language>.exe

有关详细信息,请参阅使用修补程序安装程序安装更新For more information, see Use the hotfix installer to install updates.

后续步骤Next steps

以下文章可帮助了解如何为 Configuration Manager 查找和安装不同更新类型:The following articles can help you understand how to find and install the different update types for Configuration Manager:

有关技术预览分支的详细信息,请参阅技术预览For more information about the technical preview branch, see Technical preview.