Microsoft Teams for RealWearMicrosoft Teams for RealWear

本文介绍适用于 RealWear 头戴型可穿戴设备的 Microsoft Teams 客户端。This article covers the Microsoft Teams client for RealWear head-mounted wearables. 使用 RealWear HMT-1 和 HMT-1Z1 的一线员工现在可通过在 Teams 上进行视频通话与远程专家进行协作。FirstLine Workers using RealWear HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 can now collaborate with a remote expert using video calling on Teams. 通过语音控制用户界面,RealWear 团队允许现场工作人员 100% 释放双手,同时在嘈杂和危险环境中了解态势。Through a voice-controlled user interface, Teams for RealWear allows field workers to remain 100% hands-free while maintaining situational awareness in loud and hazardous environments. 通过实时显示所看到的情况,现场工作人员可以加快解决问题的时间,并降低高昂的停机风险。By showing what they see in real-time, field workers can accelerate the time to resolve issues and reduce the risk of an expensive downtime.

如何部署 Microsoft Teams for RealWearHow to deploy Microsoft Teams for RealWear

  • RealWear 设备已更新到 11.2 版本或更高版本。RealWear devices updated to release 11.2 or above. 有关更多信息,请参阅此处More information here.
  • 访问 RealWear Foresight,以分发适用于 Realwear 的 Microsoft Teams 客户端。Access to RealWear Foresight for distributing the Microsoft Teams client for Realwear.

需要的许可证Required Licenses

Microsoft Teams 许可证是 Microsoft 365 和 Office 365 订阅的一部分。Microsoft Teams licenses are part of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 subscriptions. 使用 Teams for RealWear 不需要其他许可证。No additional licensing is required to use Teams for RealWear. 有关获取 Teams 的详细信息,请参阅 如何访问 Microsoft TeamsFor more information about getting Teams, check out How do I get access to Microsoft Teams.

管理 RealWear 设备Managing RealWear devices

Microsoft 终结点管理器Microsoft Endpoint Manager

RealWear 设备可以使用 Android 设备管理员模式托管。RealWear devices can be managed using Android Device Administrator mode. 由于当前未提供 Google Mobile Services (GMS),因此通过 Android 企业版管理支持受限。Support for management via Android Enterprise is limited, as the devices currently don't have Google Mobile Services (GMS) available.

第三方企业移动性管理器 (EMM)Third-party Enterprise Mobility Managers (EMMs)

第三方企业移动性管理器的指南,请参阅 支持的企业移动性管理提供商For guidance on third-party EMMs, see Supported Enterprise Mobility Management Providers.

最终用户内容End-user content

有关最终用户的进一步观点,请参阅 Microsoft Teams for RealWearFor further reading on this from an end-user perspective, please check out Using Microsoft Teams for RealWear.