Microsoft 团队聊天室应用版本支持Microsoft Teams Rooms app version support

Microsoft 团队聊天室应用每年更新几次。The Microsoft Teams Rooms app gets updates a few times per year. 每个更新的常规可用性(GA)发布日期均支持12(12)个月。Each update supported for twelve (12) months from its general availability (GA) release date. 为全12(12)个月提供技术支持。Technical support is provided for the entire twelve (12) months. 但是,支持结构是动态的,具有两个不同的阶段,它们依赖于最新版本的可用性:However, the support structure is dynamic, with two distinct phases that depend on the availability of the latest version:

  • 服务和关键更新阶段 -当你运行最新版本的 Microsoft 团队聊天室应用时,你将收到包含安全和服务更新的定期更新。Servicing and Critical Updates phase - When you run the latest version of the Microsoft Teams Rooms app, you receive regular updates that contain Security and Servicing updates.

  • 仅安全更新阶段 -当新版本的 Microsoft 团队聊天室应用发布时,较早版本的应用的支持级别将仅适用于12(12)个月的剩余生命周期的安全更新Security Updates Only phase - When a new version of the Microsoft Teams Rooms app releases, older versions of the app have a reduced support level with Security updates only for the rest of the twelve (12) month lifecycle.


最新版本始终位于 "服务" 和 "关键更新" 阶段。The latest version is always in the Servicing and Critical Updates phase. 如果遇到可保证关键更新的代码缺陷,还必须安装最新版本才能接收修补程序。When you encounter a code defect that warrants a critical update, you must also have the latest version installed to receive a fix. 所有其他支持的版本仅有资格接收安全更新。All other supported versions will only be eligible to receive security updates.

所有支持将在某版本的12(12)个月生命周期到期后,或者自那时起发布超过两个更新时结束。All support ends after the twelve (12) month lifecycle for a version has expired or if more than two updates have been released since then. 然后,客户必须更新到受支持的版本。Then, customers must update to a supported version.

所有版本均在Microsoft 团队聊天室发行说明中列出。All releases are listed in the Microsoft Teams Rooms release notes.

Windows 10 版本支持Windows 10 release support

Microsoft 团队聊天室需要 Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 或 Windows 10 企业版 Sku 在半年度频道服务选项下。Microsoft Teams Rooms requires the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise or Windows 10 Enterprise SKUs under Semi-Annual Channel servicing options. 不支持以下其他 Windows 10 版本:These other Windows 10 editions aren't supported:

  • Windows 10 企业长期服务分支(LTSB)/长期服务通道(LTSC)版本Windows 10 Enterprise Long-term Servicing Branch (LTSB) / Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) editions
  • Windows 10 互联网(IoT) Enterprise LTSB/LTSC editionWindows 10 Internet of Things (IoT) Enterprise LTSB / LTSC editions
  • 任何其他 Windows 版本(如 Windows 10 专业版或家庭版)any other edition of Windows such as Windows 10 Pro or Home edition

Microsoft 团队聊天室设备上不会立即提供或更新 Windows 10 功能更新。A Windows 10 feature update isn't offered or updated on Microsoft Teams Rooms devices immediately. Windows 10 发布信息页面上发布的常规可用日期后的六个月内的有意延迟。An intentional delay of up to six months after the general availability date published on the Windows 10 release information page. 延迟时间用于验证 Microsoft 团队聊天室应用程序、设备硬件和经过认证的音频视频外设的 Windows 10 发布兼容性。The delay time is used to validate the Windows 10 release compatibility for the Microsoft Teams Rooms application, device hardware, and certified audio video peripherals. 在 Windows 10 的每个主要版本的活动开发期间,验证开始和继续。Validation begins and continues during active development of each major release of Windows 10. 需要额外的时间来验证所有设备制造商是否已为其设备生成了更新的图像,以及 Microsoft 团队验证并测试这些图像。Extra time is needed to validate that all device manufacturers have built updated images for their devices, and for Microsoft Teams to certify and test those images. 在验证周期内,Microsoft 团队聊天室应用使用Windows 更新 For Business 组策略延迟 windows 10 功能更新。During the validation period, the Microsoft Teams Room app uses Windows Update for Business group policies to delay Windows 10 feature updates. 找到并解决任何兼容性问题后,将通过 Windows 应用商店中的新应用版本更新组策略来提升该块。After any compatibility issues are found and resolved, the block is lifted via updating group policies through a new app release in Windows store. 运行 Microsoft 团队聊天室应用的设备会在夜间维护重启期间自动更新到相应的 Windows 10 版本。Devices that run the Microsoft Teams Rooms app automatically update to an appropriate Windows 10 release during the nightly maintenance reboot. MSI 版本可供希望手动管理更新的客户使用。An MSI version is made available for customers that wish to manually manage updates.


在验证周期内,Microsoft 团队会议室设备应通过任何方式更新到下一版本的 Windows 10。During the validation period, Microsoft Teams Rooms devices should not be updated to the next release of Windows 10 by any means. 这包括替代组策略,或使用 System Center 或其他第三方设备管理服务。This includes overriding the group policies in place, or using System Center or other third-party device management services. 任何这些都可能导致 Microsoft 团队聊天室应用程序出现问题,或者可能导致设备无法使用。Any of these may cause issues for the Microsoft Teams Room application or may leave devices unusable.

下表显示了受支持的 Windows 10 版本和支持的 Windows 10 版本,这些版本经过验证以支持 Microsoft 团队聊天室。The following table shows recommended and supported versions of Windows 10 that are verified to support Microsoft Teams Rooms. 所有日期均以 ISO 8601 格式列出: YYYY MM。All dates are listed in ISO 8601 format: YYYY-MM-DD.

版本Version 可用性日期Availability date Microsoft 团队会议室支持状态Microsoft Teams Rooms support status Microsoft 团队会议室最小应用程序版本Microsoft Teams Rooms Minimum application version 推荐的操作系统内部版本Recommended OS build
20042004 2020-05-272020-05-27 在 "验证" 下,Under validation,
不推荐Not recommended
19091909 2019-11-122019-11-12 Supported,
推荐Recommended 18363.41818363.418
19031903 2019-05-212019-05-21 支持Supported 18362.35618362.356
18091809 2019-03-282019-03-28 路经Skipped,
不推荐 ➀Not recommended ➀
18031803 2018-07-102018-07-10 支持Supported 17134.19117134.191
17091709 2018-01-182018-01-18 不支持Not supported
17031703 2017-07-112017-07-11 Not Supported

由于在 Microsoft 团队聊天室应用程序中发现兼容性问题,因此建议不要 ➀ Windows 10 版本1809。➀ Windows 10 version 1809 is not recommended due to compatibility issues found with the Microsoft Teams Rooms application. 此特定问题导致在夜间重启后 Microsoft 团队聊天室应用程序无法启动。This specific issue causes the Microsoft Teams Rooms application to fail to start after the nightly reboot. 此问题已在 Windows 10 版本1903中解决。This issue was addressed in Windows 10 version 1903.

由于在 Microsoft 团队聊天室应用程序中发现兼容性问题,因此建议不要 ➁ Windows 10 版本2004。➁ Windows 10 version 2004 is not recommended due to compatibility issues found with the Microsoft Teams Rooms application. 此特定问题导致在夜间重启后 Microsoft 团队聊天室应用程序无法启动。This specific issue causes the Microsoft Teams Rooms application to fail to start after the nightly reboot.

使用受支持的 Windows 10 版本时,你将始终获取适用于 Microsoft 团队聊天室应用的最新应用程序更新。When you use a supported version of Windows 10, you will always get the latest application updates for the Microsoft Teams Rooms app.

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