Chart.PrimaryValuesAxisMaximum 属性 (Access)Chart.PrimaryValuesAxisMaximum property (Access)

返回或设置可在主数值轴上表示的最大值。Returns or sets the maximum value that can be represented on the primary values axis. 读/写 SingleRead/write Single.



expression 表示 Chart 对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a Chart object.


PrimaryValuesAxisRange 属性设置为 Fixed 时,强制实施 PrimaryValuesAxisMinimumPrimaryValuesAxisMaximumPrimaryValuesAxisMinimum and PrimaryValuesAxisMaximum are enforced when the PrimaryValuesAxisRange property is set to Fixed.

图表值可能会超过 PrimaryValuesAxisMaximum,但它在图表中的表示(例如,条形图中的条)可能会根据最大值进行剪辑。A chart value may exceed the PrimaryValuesAxisMaximum, but its representation in a chart (for example, a bar in a bar chart) may be clipped according to the maximum.

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