CommandButton.BorderThemeColorIndex 属性 (Access)CommandButton.BorderThemeColorIndex property (Access)

获取或设置一个值,该值代表指定对象的BorderColor属性与关联的应用的颜色主题中的颜色。Gets or sets a value that represents a color in the applied color theme associated with the BorderColor property of the specified object. 可读/写 Long 类型。Read/write Long.


expressionexpression. BorderThemeColorIndex

_表达式_一个代表CommandButton对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a CommandButton object.


BorderThemeColorIndex属性包含下表中列出的索引值之一。The BorderThemeColorIndex property contains one of the index values listed in the following table.

索引值Index Value 说明Description
00 文字 1Text 1
11 背景 1Background 1
22 文字 2Text 2
33 背景 2Background 2
44 强调文字颜色 1Accent 1
55 强调文字颜色 2Accent 2
66 强调文字颜色 3Accent 3
77 强调文字颜色 4Accent 4
88 强调文字颜色 5Accent 5
99 强调文字颜色 6Accent 6
1010 超链接Hyperlink
1111 已访问的超链接Followed Hyperlink

如果未应用主题, BorderThemeColorIndex属性将包含-1。If no theme is applied, the BorderThemeColorIndex property contains -1.

此属性未出现在属性表中。This property is not surfaced in the property sheet.


下面的代码示例通过设置BorderThemeColorIndex属性将边框颜色设置为文字 2 的颜色。The following code example sets the Border Color to the Text 2 color by setting the BorderThemeColorIndex property.


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