BeforeDelConfirm 属性 (权限)Form.BeforeDelConfirm property (Access)

返回或设置一个字符串, 指示哪个宏、事件过程或用户定义函数运行在**BeforeDelConfirm** 事件发生时。Returns or sets a String indicating which macro, event procedure, or user-defined function runs when the BeforeDelConfirm event occurs. 读/写。Read/write.



expression:表示 Form 对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a Form object.


此属性的有效值为:Valid values for this property are:

  • macroname, 其中_macroname_是宏的名称。macroname, where macroname is the name of a macro.

  • [事件过程], 指示与指定对象的BeforeDelConfirm事件相关联的事件过程。[Event Procedure], which indicates the event procedure associated with the BeforeDelConfirm event for the specified object.

  • = functionname (), 其中_functionname_是用户定义函数的名称。=functionname(), where functionname is the name of a user-defined function.


下面的示例指定在当前项目的第一个窗体上发生BeforeDelConfirm事件时, 应运行相关联的事件过程。The following example specifies that when the BeforeDelConfirm event occurs on the first form of the current project, the associated event procedure should run.

Forms(0).BeforeDelConfirm = "[Event Procedure]" 

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