AddIns2 对象 (Excel)AddIns2 object (Excel)

代表所有加载项的当前或 Microsoft Excel 中打开而不考虑它们是否安装可用的**AddIn** 对象的集合。A collection of AddIn objects that represent all the add-ins that are currently available or open in Microsoft Excel, regardless of whether they are installed.


AddIns2集合的内容对应于加载项对话框 (开发人员选项卡上的加载项命令) 中显示的加载宏的列表,并且任何加载项的当前打开。The contents of the AddIns2 collection correspond to the list of add-ins displayed in the Add-Ins dialog box (Add-Ins command on the Developer tab) and any add-ins that are currently open.

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