DisplayErrorString 属性 (Excel)PivotTable.DisplayErrorString property (Excel)

如果数据透视表在有错误的单元格中显示用户自定义的错误字符串,则该值为 TrueTrue if the PivotTable report displays a custom error string in cells that contain errors. 默认值为 FalseThe default value is False. 读/写 BooleanRead/write Boolean.



_表达式_一个代表**PivotTable** 对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a PivotTable object.


使用**ErrorString** 属性可设置自定义错误字符串。Use the ErrorString property to set the custom error string.

当透视处理计算字段时,该属性对于消除被零除错误尤其有用。This property is particularly useful for suppressing divide-by-zero errors when calculated fields are pivoted.


本示例使数据透视表在有错误的单元格中显示连字符。This example causes the PivotTable report to display a hyphen in cells that contain errors.

With Worksheets(1).PivotTables("Pivot1") 
 .ErrorString = "-" 
 .DisplayErrorString = True 
End With

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