Point 对象 (Excel)Point object (Excel)

代表图表系列中的单个数据点。Represents a single point in a series in a chart.


对象是 集合的一个成员。The Point object is a member of the Points collection. 集合包含一个序列中的所有点。The Points collection contains all the points in one series.


使用**(索引), 其中_索引_是点索引号, 返回一个point**对象。Use Points (index), where index is the point index number, to return a single Point object. 点在系列从左至右编号。Points are numbered from left to right on the series. Points(1)是最左侧的点, Points(Points.Count)是最右侧的点。Points(1) is the leftmost point, and Points(Points.Count) is the rightmost point.

下例为工作表一上嵌入式图表一中系列一中的第三个数据点设置标志样式。The following example sets the marker style for the third point in series one in embedded chart one on worksheet one. 指定的系列必须是2d 折线图、散点图或雷达图系列。The specified series must be a 2D line, scatter, or radar series.

Worksheets(1).ChartObjects(1).Chart. _ 
 SeriesCollection(1).Points(3).MarkerStyle = xlDiamond



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