PublishObject 对象 (Excel)PublishObject object (Excel)

表示工作簿中已保存到网页的项目, 并且可以根据PublishObject对象的属性和方法所指定的值进行刷新。Represents an item in a workbook that has been saved to a webpage and can be refreshed according to values specified by the properties and methods of the PublishObject object.


PublishObject 对象是 PublishObjects 集合的一个成员。The PublishObject object is a member of the PublishObjects collection.


使用**PublishObjects** (索引), 其中_索引_是工作簿中指定项的索引号, 返回一个PublishObject对象。Use PublishObjects (index), where index is the index number of the specified item in the workbook, to return a single PublishObject object.

下例设置工作簿三中第一个项的保存位置。The following example sets the location where the first item in workbook three is saved.

Workbooks(3).PublishObjects(1).FileName = _ 



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