Range.HasRichDataType 属性 (Excel)Range.HasRichDataType property (Excel)

如果区域中的所有单元格均包含 RTF 数据类型,则为 TrueTrue if all cells in the range contain a Rich data type. 如果区域中的单元格都不包含丰富的数据类型, 则为 False; 否则为False 。否则为 nullFalse if none of the cells in the range contains a Rich data type; otherwise, null. 只读 Variant 类型。Read-only Variant.



expression 一个表示 Range 对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a Range object.


链接数据类型 (例如股票或地理位置) 是一种丰富的数据类型。Linked data types, such as Stocks or Geography, are a kind of Rich data type.

对于链接类型, 只有其**LinkedDataTypeState** 属性为xlLinkedDataTypeStateValidLinkedDataxlLinkedDataTypeStateFetchingDataXlLinkedDataTypeStateBrokenLinkedData的单元格将计为 rtf 格式HasRichDataType属性的数据类型。For linked types, only cells whose LinkedDataTypeState property is xlLinkedDataTypeStateValidLinkedData, xlLinkedDataTypeStateFetchingData, or xlLinkedDataTypeStateBrokenLinkedData will be counted as Rich data types by the HasRichDataType property.

XlLinkedDataTypeStateDisambiguationNeededxlLinkedDataTypeStateNone状态中的单元格_不_计为丰富的数据类型。Cells in the xlLinkedDataTypeStateDisambiguationNeeded or xlLinkedDataTypeStateNone states do not count as Rich data types.

有关可能的链接数据类型状态的详细信息, 请参阅**XlLinkedDataTypeState** 枚举。For more information about possible Linked data type states, see the XlLinkedDataTypeState enumeration.


此示例提示用户在 Sheet1 中选择一个区域。This example prompts the user to select a range on Sheet1. 如果所选区域中的所有单元格均包含 RTF 数据类型,则此示例显示一条消息。If every cell in the selected range contains a Rich data type, the example displays a message.

Set rr = Application.InputBox( _ 
 prompt:="Select a range on this worksheet", _ 
If rr.HasRichDataType = True Then 
 MsgBox "Every cell in the selection contains a Rich Data" 
End If

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