SlicerCacheLevel 对象 (Excel)SlicerCacheLevel object (Excel)

代表按切片器筛选的 OLAP 数据源中层次结构的一个级别。Represents a level of a hierarchy in an OLAP data source being filtered by a slicer.


当切片器用于筛选 OLAP 数据源时, 它与之关联的切片器缓存可以包含数据源中的多个层次结构级别。When a slicer is used to filter an OLAP data source, the slicer cache that it is associated with can contain multiple hierarchy levels from the data source.

使用父**SlicerCache** 对象的**SlicerCacheLevels** 集合访问表示这些层次结构级别的SlicerCacheLevel对象。Use the SlicerCacheLevels collection of the parent SlicerCache object to access the SlicerCacheLevel objects that represent these hierarchy levels.


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