T_Inv_2T 方法 (Excel) WorksheetFunctionWorksheetFunction.T_Inv_2T method (Excel)

返回作为概率和自由度函数的学生 t 分布的 t 值。Returns the t-value of the Student t-distribution as a function of the probability and the degrees of freedom.


表达式T_Inv_2T(Arg1, Arg2)expression.T_Inv_2T (Arg1, Arg2)

_表达式_一个代表**WorksheetFunction** 对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a WorksheetFunction object.


名称Name 必需/可选Required/Optional 数据类型Data type 说明Description
Arg1Arg1 必需Required DoubleDouble probability - 与双尾学生 t 分布相关的概率。Probability - The probability associated with the two-tailed Student t-distribution.
Arg2Arg2 必需Required DoubleDouble degrees_freedom - 代表分布的自由度数。Degrees_freedom - The number of degrees of freedom with which to characterize the distribution.

返回值Return value



如果任何一个参数为非数值, T_Inv_2T将返回 #VALUE!If either argument is non-numeric, T_Inv_2T returns the #VALUE! error value.

如果 probability < 0 或 probability > 1, 则T_Inv_2T返回 #NUM!If probability < 0 or if probability > 1, T_Inv_2T returns the #NUM! error value.

如果 degrees_freedom 不是整数,则将被截尾取整。If degrees_freedom is not an integer, it is truncated.

如果 degrees_freedom < 1, T_Inv_2T将返回 #NUM!If degrees_freedom < 1, T_Inv_2T returns the #NUM! error value.

T_Inv_2T返回值 T, 这样 P (|X |> t) = probability, 其中 X 是紧跟 t 分布的随机变量和 P (|X |> t) = P (X < t 或 X > t)。T_Inv_2T returns the value t, such that P(|X| > t) = probability where X is a random variable that follows the t-distribution and P(|X| > t) = P(X < -t or X > t).

通过将概率替换为2*probability, 可以返回单尾 t 值。A one-tailed t-value can be returned by replacing probability with 2*probability. 如果概率为 0.05 而自由度为 10,则双尾值由 T_INV_2T(0.05,10) 计算得到,它返回 2.28139。For a probability of 0.05 and degrees of freedom of 10, the two-tailed value is calculated with T_INV_2T(0.05,10), which returns 2.28139.

而同样概率和自由度的单尾值可由 T_INV_2T(2*0.05,10) 计算得到,它返回 1.812462。The one-tailed value for the same probability and degrees of freedom can be calculated with T_INV_2T(2*0.05,10), which returns 1.812462.

对于 probability 的值, T_Inv_2T查找值 x, 例如, T_DIST_RT (x, degrees_freedom, 2) = probability。Given a value for probability, T_Inv_2T seeks that value x such that T_DIST_RT(x, degrees_freedom, 2) = probability. 因此, T_Inv_2T的精度取决于T_Dist_RT的精度。Thus, precision of T_Inv_2T depends on precision of T_Dist_RT. T_Inv_2T使用迭代搜索技术。T_Inv_2T uses an iterative search technique. 如果搜索在 100 次迭代之后没有收敛,则该函数将返回错误值 #N/A。If the search has not converged after 100 iterations, the function returns the #N/A error value.


在某些表格中,概率被描述为 (1-p)。In some tables, probability is described as (1-p).

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