CommandBarControl 属性 (Office)CommandBarControl.Creator property (Office)

获取一个32位整数, 该整数指示在其中创建CommandBarControl对象的应用程序。Gets a 32-bit integer that indicates the application in which the CommandBarControl object was created. 只读。Read-only.


某些 Microsoft Office 应用程序中对 CommandBars 的使用已由 Microsoft Office Fluent 用户界面的新功能区组件取代。The use of CommandBars in some Microsoft Office applications has been superseded by the new ribbon component of the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface. 有关详细信息, 请参阅Office 熟知功能区概述For more information, see Overview of the Office Fluent ribbon.



_表达式_一个代表**CommandBarControl** 对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a CommandBarControl object.

返回值Return value


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