CustomXMLPart 方法 (Office)CustomXMLPart.Delete method (Office)

从数据存储(IXMLDataStore 接口)中删除当前 CustomXMLPartDeletes the current CustomXMLPart from the data store (IXMLDataStore interface).



_表达式_一个返回**CustomXMLPart** 对象的表达式。expression An expression that returns a CustomXMLPart object.


如果尝试删除包含核心属性的部件,则不会执行操作并显示一条错误消息。If you attempt to delete the part containing the core properties, the operation is not performed and an error message is displayed.


下面的示例添加一个自定义 XML 部件, 选择具有条件的节点, 然后删除该部件和节点。The following example adds a custom XML part, selects a node with a criteria, and deletes the part and node.

Sub ShowCustomXmlParts() 
    On Error GoTo Err 
    Dim cxp1 As CustomXMLPart 
    Dim cxn As CustomXMLNode 
    With ActiveDocument 
        ' Example written for Word. 
        ' Add and then load from a file. 
        Set cxp1 = .CustomXMLParts.Add 
        cxp1.Load "c:\invoice.xml" 
        Set cxn = cxp1.SelectSingleNode("//*[@quantity < 4]")  
        ' Insert a subtree before the single node selected previously. 
        ' Delete custom XML part. 
    End With 
    Exit Sub 
' Exception handling. Show the message and resume. 
        MsgBox (Err.Description) 
        Resume Next 
End Sub

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