CustomXMLPart 事件 (Office)CustomXMLPart.NodeAfterReplace event (Office)

恰好在CustomXMLPart对象中的节点被替换之后发生。Occurs just after a node is replaced in a CustomXMLPart object.


表达式NodeAfterReplace(OldNodenodeinsertedeventargs.newnodeInUndoRedo)expression.NodeAfterReplace(OldNode, NewNode, InUndoRedo)

_表达式_一个返回**CustomXMLPart** 对象的表达式。expression An expression that returns a CustomXMLPart object.


名称Name 必需/可选Required/Optional 数据类型Data type 说明Description
OldNodeOldNode 必需Required CustomXMLNodeCustomXMLNode 与刚刚从CustomXMLPart对象中删除的节点相对应。Corresponds to the node that was just removed from the CustomXMLPart object. 请注意, 如果仅将子树添加到文档中, 则此节点可能具有子级。Note that this node may have children if a subtree was just added to the document. 此外, 此节点将是中的 "断开连接" 节点, 可以从节点向下查询, 但不能向上查询, 也不能继续。它似乎是单独存在的。Also, this node will be a "disconnected" node in that you can query down from the node, but cannot go up; it appears to exist alone.
Nodeinsertedeventargs.newnodeNewNode 必需Required CustomXMLNodeCustomXMLNode 对应于刚刚添加到 CustomXMLPart 对象的节点。Corresponds to the node just added to the CustomXMLPart object.
InUndoRedoInUndoRedo 必需Required BooleanBoolean 如果节点作为用户的撤消/恢复操作的一部分添加,则返回 TrueReturns True if the node was added as part of an Undo/Redo action by the user.


以下示例将显示一条消息,告知用户替换节点的结果。The following example displays a message telling the user the results of replacing the node.

Sub CustomXMLParts_NodeAfterReplace(oldNode As CustomXMLNode, newNode As CustomXMLNode, boolInUndoRedo As Boolean) 
   MsgBox ("The part's node " & oldNode.BaseName & " was replaced with the node " & newNode.BaseName) 
End Sub

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