SoftEdgeFormat 对象 (Office)SoftEdgeFormat object (Office)

代表 Office 图形中的柔化边缘效果。Represents the soft edge effect in Office graphics.


柔化边缘效果在对象的边缘周围创建一个掩码, 并将该对象与透明边缘混合。The soft edge effect creates a mask around the edge of an object and blends the object with the transparent edge. 结果为褪色或 "羽化" 边缘。The result is a faded or "feathered" edge.


本示例为 PowerPoint 演示文稿中第二张幻灯片上的第二个形状的文本设置柔化边缘格式。This example sets the soft edge formatting for the text for the second shape on the second slide in a PowerPoint presentation.

With ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Shapes(2) 
 With .Text.Font 
 .Size = 32 
 .Name = "Palatino" 
 .Softedgeformat = msosoftedge6 
 End With 
End With 

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