ContactItem 事件 (Outlook)ContactItem.Unload event (Outlook)

在从内存中卸载(通过编程方式或用户操作)Outlook 项目之前发生。Occurs before an Outlook item is unloaded from memory, either programmatically or by user action.


expressionexpression. Unload

_表达式_一个代表ContactItem对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a ContactItem object.


此事件发生在 Outlook 项目的Close事件发生之后, 但在从内存中卸载 outlook 项目之前, 允许加载项释放与该对象相关的任何资源。This event occurs after the Close event for the Outlook item occurs, but before the Outlook item is unloaded from memory, allowing an add-in to release any resources related to the object. 虽然从内存中卸载 Outlook 项目之前发生的事件,但不能取消此事件。Although the event occurs before the Outlook item is unloaded from memory, this event cannot be canceled.


[!注释] 此事件只是一个通知事件,以便在外接程序可以取消引用该对象。This event is meant only as a notification event, so that an add-in can dereference the object. 如果在Unload事件中调用此对象的任何属性或方法, 则会发生错误。An error occurs if any property or method for this object is called within the Unload event.

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