PostItem 方法(Outlook)PostItem.GetConversation method (Outlook)

获取一个代表此项目所属会话的 Conversation 对象。Obtains a Conversation object that represents the conversation to which this item belongs.


expressionexpression. GetConversation

_表达式_一个代表 "PostItem" 对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a 'PostItem' object.

返回值Return value

表示此项属于对话的 对话 对象。A Conversation object that represents the conversation to which this item belongs.


如果项目没有对应的会话,则 GetConversation 返回 Null(在 Visual Basic 中为 Nothing)。GetConversation returns Null (Nothing in Visual Basic) if no conversation exists for the item. 没有对话存在以下方案中的项目:No conversation exists for an item in the following scenarios:

  • 该项目尚未保存。The item has not been saved. 由用户操作或自动保存,可以以编程方式保存项目。An item can be saved programmatically, by user action, or by auto-save.

  • 对于可以发送的项目(例如邮件项目、约会项目或联系人项目),该项目尚未发送。For an item that can be sent (for example, a mail item, appointment item, or contact item), the item has not been sent.

  • 已通过 Windows 注册表禁用会话。Conversations have been disabled through the Windows registry.

  • 存储不支持会话视图(例如,Outlook 正在针对早于 Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 的 Microsoft Exchange 版本在经典联机模式下运行)。The store does not support Conversation view (for example, Outlook is running in classic online mode against a version of Microsoft Exchange earlier than Microsoft Exchange Server 2010). 使用**store** 对象的**IsConversationEnabled** 属性可确定存储是否支持会话视图。Use the IsConversationEnabled property of the Store object to determine whether the store supports Conversation view.

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