PbWrapSideType 枚举 (Publisher)PbWrapSideType enumeration (Publisher)

指示文字是否应环绕形状。Indicates whether text should wrap around a shape.

名称Name Value 说明Description
pbWrapSideBothpbWrapSideBoth 00 环绕形状的两侧Wrap both sides of the shape
pbWrapSideLargerpbWrapSideLarger 第三章3 环绕形状的较大一侧Wrap the larger side of the shape
pbWrapSideLeftpbWrapSideLeft 11 环绕形状的左侧Wrap the left side of the shape
pbWrapSideMixedpbWrapSideMixed -1-1 以不同的比例封装形状Wrap the shape in different proportions
pbWrapSideNeitherpbWrapSideNeither 44 不在侧面环绕形状Does not wrap the shape on the sides
pbWrapSideRightpbWrapSideRight 双面2 环绕形状的右侧Wrap the right side of the shape

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