ToolbarButtons 属性 (Visio Viewer)Viewer.ToolbarButtons property (Visio Viewer)

获取或设置在 Microsoft Visio Viewer 中的工具栏上可用的按钮。Gets or sets the buttons that are available on the toolbar in Microsoft Visio Viewer. 读/写。Read/write.



_表达式_一个返回**查看器** 对象的表达式。expression An expression that returns a Viewer object.

返回值Return value



使用以逗号分隔的按钮名称值列表。Use a comma-delimited list of button-name values. 请参阅下表, 这些名称映射按钮名称 (可以通过将鼠标指针悬停在按钮上来确定按钮名称值)。See the following table that maps button names (which you can determine by pausing the mouse pointer over a button) to button-name values.

默认列表是关于、Sep、ZoomIn、ZoomOut、ZoomWidth、ZoomPage、Zoom100、Zoom、Sep、OpenInVisio、Sep、属性、图层、审阅、Sep、帮助。The default list is About, Sep, ZoomIn, ZoomOut, ZoomWidth, ZoomPage, Zoom100, Zoom, Sep, OpenInVisio, Sep, Props, Layers, Reviewing, Sep, Help.

工具栏按钮Toolbar button 按钮名称值Button-name value
关于 Microsoft Office Visio ViewerAbout Microsoft Office Visio Viewer 关于About
放大Zoom In ZoomInZoomIn
缩小Zoom Out ZoomOutZoomOut
缩放宽度Zoom Width ZoomWidthZoomWidth
缩放页面Zoom Page ZoomPageZoomPage
缩放 100%Zoom 100% Zoom100Zoom100
ZoomZoom 缩放Zoom
在 Microsoft Office Visio 中打开Open in Microsoft Office Visio OpenInVisioOpenInVisio
属性和设置Properties and Settings 属性Props
图层设置Layer Settings LayersLayers
标记设置Markup Settings 旁边Reviewing
HelpHelp 帮助Help
SeparatorSeparator 09Sep
第一页First Page FirstPageFirstPage
上一页Previous Page PrevPagePrevPage
下一页Next Page NextPageNextPage
最后一页Last Page LastPageLastPage
转到页面Go To Page GoToPageGoToPage


下面的代码演示如何在 "即时" 窗口中显示 Visio Viewer 中当前工具栏按钮的名称。The following code shows how to display the names of the current toolbar buttons in Visio Viewer in the Immediate window.

Debug.Print vsoViewer.ToolbarButtons

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