VisMemberAddOptions 枚举 (Visio)VisMemberAddOptions enumeration (Visio)

指定是否扩展容器以容纳新成员或根据默认设置自动调整其大小;传递给**ContainerProperties** 方法的常量。Specifies whether to expand the container to accommodate the new member(s) or to resize it automatically according to the default settings; constants passed to the ContainerProperties.AddMember method.

名称Name Value 说明Description
visMemberAddUseResizeSettingvisMemberAddUseResizeSetting 00 遵从**ContainerProperties** 属性的设置。Defer to the setting of the ContainerProperties.ResizeAsNeeded property.
visMemberAddExpandContainervisMemberAddExpandContainer 11 扩展容器以适合传入的形状。Expand the container to fit the incoming shape(s).
visMemberAddDoNotExpandvisMemberAddDoNotExpand 双面2 不通过扩展容器来适合传入的形状。Do not expand the container to fit the incoming shape(s).

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