ListLevel.NumberPosition 属性 (Word)ListLevel.NumberPosition property (Word)

返回或设置的编号或项目符号指定ListLevel对象的位置 (以磅为单位)。Returns or sets the position (in points) of the number or bullet for the specified ListLevel object. 读/写 单个Read/write Single.


expressionexpression. NumberPosition

_表达式_返回ListLevel对象的表达式。expression An expression that returns a 'ListLevel' object.


对于每个列表级别,可设置编号或者项目符号的位置、制表位的位置和换行文字的位置。For each list level, you can set the position of the number or bullet, the position of the tab, and the position of the text that wraps.


本示例设置第三个多级符号列表模板的所有级别的缩进量。This example sets the indentation for all the levels of the third outline-numbered list template. 每个列表级别都比前一个级别多缩进 0.25 英寸(18 磅)。Each list level is indented 0.25 inch (18 points) more than the preceding level.

r = 0 
For Each lev In ListGalleries(wdOutlineNumberGallery) _ 
 lev.Alignment = wdListLevelAlignLeft 
 lev.NumberPosition = r 
 r = r + 18 
Next lev

本示例将最后一个编号列表模板的第一级的缩进量设置为 0.5 英寸。This example sets the indent for the first level of the last numbered list template to 0.5 inch.

With ListGalleries(wdNumberGallery).ListTemplates(7).ListLevels(1) 
 .Alignment = wdListLevelAlignLeft 
 .NumberPosition = InchesToPoints(0.5) 
End With

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