WdArabicNumeral 枚举 (Word)WdArabicNumeral enumeration (Word)

为阿拉伯语文档指定数字样式。Specifies the numeral style for an Arabic-language document.

名称Name Value 说明Description
wdNumeralArabicwdNumeralArabic 00 数字采用阿拉伯语形状。Arabic shape is used for numerals.
wdNumeralContextwdNumeralContext 双面2 数字形状取决于数字周围的文字。Numeral shape depends on text surrounding it.
wdNumeralHindiwdNumeralHindi 11 数字采用印地语形状。Hindi shape is used for numerals.
wdNumeralSystemwdNumeralSystem 第三章3 数字形状由系统设置决定。Numeral shape is determined by system settings.

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