WdExportOptimizeFor 枚举 (Word)WdExportOptimizeFor enumeration (Word)

指定导出文档的分辨率和质量。Specifies the resolution and quality of the exported document.

名称Name Value 说明Description
wdExportOptimizeForOnScreenwdExportOptimizeForOnScreen 11 针对屏幕显示进行导出,质量较差,生成的文件大小较小。Export for screen, which is a lower quality and results in a smaller file size.
wdExportOptimizeForPrintwdExportOptimizeForPrint 00 导出以进行打印, 这是较高的质量, 并产生较大的文件大小。Export for print, which is higher quality and results in a larger file size.

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