XlErrorBarType 枚举 (Word)XlErrorBarType enumeration (Word)

指定误差线标记的区域。Specifies the range marked by error bars.

名称Name Value 说明Description
xlErrorBarTypeCustomxlErrorBarTypeCustom -4114-4114 区域由固定值或单元格值设置。The range is set by fixed values or cell values.
xlErrorBarTypeFixedValuexlErrorBarTypeFixedValue 11 固定长度误差线。Fixed-length error bars.
xlErrorBarTypePercentxlErrorBarTypePercent 2 2 误差线覆盖的区域百分比。The percentage of the range to be covered by the error bars.
xlErrorBarTypeStDevxlErrorBarTypeStDev -4155-4155 显示指定数目的标准偏差的区域。Shows the range for a specified number of standard deviations.
xlErrorBarTypeStErrorxlErrorBarTypeStError 4 4 显示标准误差区域。Shows the standard error range.

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