CanRedo 属性CanRedo property

指示能否还原最近的撤消操作。Indicates whether the most recent Undo can be reversed.



CanRedo 属性的语法包含以下部分:The CanRedo property syntax has these parts:

PartPart 说明Description
objectobject 必需。Required. 对象有效。A valid object.

返回值Return values

CanRedo 属性返回值为:The CanRedo property return values are:

Value 说明Description
TrueTrue 可还原最近的撤消操作。The most recent Undo can be reversed.
FalseFalse 最近的撤消操作是不可逆的。The most recent Undo is irreversible.


CanRedo 是只读状态。CanRedo is read-only.

恢复某个操作意味着还原一个撤消操作;并不一定意味着重复用户的上一次操作。To Redo an action means to reverse an Undo; it does not necessarily mean to repeat the last user action.

以下用户操作演示如何使用“撤消”和“恢复”:The following user actions illustrate using Undo and Redo:

  • 更改某选项按钮的设置。Change the setting of an option button.
  • 将文本输入到文本框。Enter text into a text box.
  • 单击 "撤消"。Click Undo. 文本将从该文本框中消失。The text disappears from the text box.
  • 单击 "撤消"。Click Undo. 选项按钮还原到其之前的设置。The option button reverts to its previous setting.
  • 单击 "恢复"。Click Redo. 选项按钮的值会发生更改。The value of the option button changes.
  • 单击 "恢复"。Click Redo. 文本将重新显示在该文本框中。The text reappears in the text box.

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