CommandButton 控件CommandButton control

启动、结束或中断某个操作或一系列操作。Starts, ends, or interrupts an action or series of actions.


命令按钮单击事件分配的宏或事件过程决定命令按钮的功能。The macro or event procedure assigned to the CommandButton Click event determines what the CommandButton does. 例如,可以创建打开另一个窗体的 CommandButtonFor example, you can create a CommandButton that opens another form. 还可以在 CommandButton 上显示文本、图片或二者。You can also display text, a picture, or both on a CommandButton.

CommandButton 的默认属性是 Value 属性。The default property of a CommandButton is the Value property. CommandButton 的默认事件是 Click 事件。The default event for a CommandButton is the Click event.

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