Deftype 语句必须先于声明Deftype statements must precede declarations

Deftype 语句包含 DefIntDefDblDefCur 等。Deftype statements include DefInt, DefDbl, DefCur, and so on. 此错误的原因和解决方案如下:This error has the following causes and solutions:

  • 变量声明模块级别Def_类型_语句之前。A variable declaration precedes a Deftype statement at module level.

    移动 Deftype 语句,使其位于所有变量声明前面。Move the Deftype statement to precede all variable declarations.

  • Deftype 语句出现在过程中。A Deftype statement appears in a procedure.

    Deftype 语句移动到模块级别,并位于所有变量声明前面。Move the Deftype statement to module level, preceding all variable declarations.

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