Hex 函数Hex function

返回表示数字的十六进制值的 StringReturns a String representing the hexadecimal value of a number.



必需的_number_ 参数是任何有效的数值表达式字符串表达式The required number argument is any valid numeric expression or string expression.

如果 numberIf number is 则 Hex 返回Hex returns
-2,147,483,648 到 2,147,483,647-2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647 最多八个十六进制字符Up to eight hexadecimal characters
为空Empty 零 (0)Zero (0)


如果_number_不是整数, 则在计算之前将其舍入为最接近的整数。If number is not a whole number, it is rounded to the nearest whole number before being evaluated.

对于与十六进制相反的值, 请在十六进制值前面加上 &HFor the opposite of Hex, precede a hexadecimal value with &H. 例如, Hex(255)返回字符串 FF 并&HFF返回数字255。For example, Hex(255) returns the string FF and &HFF returns the number 255.


此示例使用 Hex 函数返回一个数字的十六进制值。This example uses the Hex function to return the hexadecimal value of a number.

Dim MyHex
MyHex = Hex(5)    ' Returns 5.
MyHex = Hex(10)    ' Returns A.
MyHex = Hex(459)    ' Returns 1CB.

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