KeepScrollBarsVisible 属性KeepScrollBarsVisible property

指定滚动条在不需要时是否仍可见。Specifies whether scroll bars remain visible when not required.


对象KeepScrollBarsVisible[= fmScrollBars ]object.KeepScrollBarsVisible [= fmScrollBars ]

KeepScrollBarsVisible 属性语法具有以下部分:The KeepScrollBarsVisible property syntax has these parts:

PartPart 说明Description
objectobject 必需。Required. 一个有效对象。A valid object.
fmScrollBarsfmScrollBars 可选。Optional. 滚动条的显示位置。Where scroll bars are displayed.


fmScrollBars 的设置为:The settings for fmScrollBars are:

常量Constant Value 说明Description
Fmscrollbarsnone 时fmScrollBarsNone 00 不显示任何滚动条。Displays no scroll bars.
fmScrollBarsHorizontalfmScrollBarsHorizontal 11 显示水平滚动条。Displays a horizontal scroll bar.
fmScrollBarsVerticalfmScrollBarsVertical 双面2 显示垂直滚动条。Displays a vertical scroll bar.
Fmscrollbarsboth 时fmScrollBarsBoth 第三章3 同时显示水平和垂直滚动条(默认)。Displays both a horizontal and a vertical scroll bar (default).


如果可见区域足以显示对象(如 Page 对象)或窗体上的所有控件,则不需要滚动条。If the visible region is large enough to display all the controls on an object such as a Page object or a form, scroll bars are not required. KeepScrollBarsVisible 属性确定滚动条在不需要时是否仍可见。The KeepScrollBarsVisible property determines whether the scroll bars remain visible when they are not required.

如果滚动条在不需要时仍然可见,它们将按正常尺寸显示,并且滚动块充满了滚动条的整个宽度和高度。If the scroll bars are visible when they are not required, they appear normal in size, and the scroll box fills the entire width or height of the scroll bar.

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