Minute 函数Minute function

返回指定介于 0 和 59 之间(含 0 和 59)的一个整数的 Variant (Integer),代表分钟数。Returns a Variant (Integer) specifying a whole number between 0 and 59, inclusive, representing the minute of the hour.



必需的_time_ 参数是任何可表示时间的变量数值表达式字符串表达式或任何组合。The required time argument is any Variant, numeric expression, string expression, or any combination, that can represent a time. 如果“时间” __ 为 Null,则返回“Null”****。If time contains Null, Null is returned.


此示例使用 Minute 函数获取指定时间中的分钟数。This example uses the Minute function to obtain the minute of the hour from a specified time. 在开发环境中, 使用代码的区域设置以短时间格式显示时间文本。In the development environment, the time literal is displayed in short time format by using the locale settings of your code.

Dim MyTime, MyMinute
MyTime = #4:35:17 PM#    ' Assign a time.
MyMinute = Minute(MyTime)    ' MyMinute contains 35.

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