MultiPage 控件MultiPage control

将多屏信息表示为单个集合。Presents multiple screens of information as a single set.


如果需要处理大量的信息,而这些信息又可归为几类,此时 MultiPage 控件非常有用。A MultiPage is useful when you work with a large amount of information that can be sorted into several categories. 例如,使用 MultiPage 显示工作申请表的信息。For example, use a MultiPage to display information from an employment application. 第一页可以包含诸如姓名和地址等个人信息,第二页可以列出以前的雇主,第三页可以显示参考信息。One page might contain personal information such as name and address; another page might list previous employers; a third page might list references. MultiPage 使您能综合相关信息,并可轻松访问整个记录。The MultiPage lets you visually combine related information, while keeping the entire record readily accessible.

新页面添加到当前所选页的右侧,而不是与之相邻的位置。New pages are added to the right of the currently selected page rather than adjacent to it.


页是 Pages 集合的一个容器, 每个**Pages** 集合都包含一个或多个**Page** 对象。The MultiPage is a container of a Pages collection, each of which contains one or more Page objects.

MultiPage 的默认属性是 Value 属性,这将返回 MultiPagePages 集合中的当前活动 Page 的索引。The default property for a MultiPage is the Value property, which returns the index of the currently active Page in the Pages collection of the MultiPage. MultiPage 的默认事件是 Change 事件。The default event for a MultiPage is the Change event.

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