Space 函数Space function

返回由指定的空格数量构成的“变量”****(“字符串”****)。Returns a Variant (String) consisting of the specified number of spaces.



必需的_number_ 参数是要在字符串中留出的空格数。The required number argument is the number of spaces you want in the string.


“空格”**** 函数有助于格式化输出和清除固定长度字符串中的数据。The Space function is useful for formatting output and clearing data in fixed-length strings.


此示例使用了“空格”**** 函数返回由指定的空格数量构成的字符串。This example uses the Space function to return a string consisting of a specified number of spaces.

Dim MyString
' Returns a string with 10 spaces.
MyString = Space(10)

' Insert 10 spaces between two strings.
MyString = "Hello" & Space(10) & "World"

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