TabStrip 控件TabStrip control

将一组相关控件表示为可视组。Presents a set of related controls as a visual group.


您可以使用 TabStrip 查看相关控件的不同组信息。You can use a TabStrip to view different sets of information for related controls.

例如,该控件可以表现有关一组人的日程安排信息。For example, the controls might represent information about a daily schedule for a group of individuals, with each set of information corresponding to a different individual in the group. 每个信息集合都对应于组中的不同个人。Set the title of each tab to show one individual's name. 然后, 您可以编写代码, 当您单击某个选项卡时, 将更新控件以显示有关该选项卡上标识的人员的信息。You can then write code that, when you click a tab, updates the controls to show information about the person identified on the tab.


TabStrip 是作为 Tabs 集合的容器实现的,该集合又包含了一组 Tab 对象。The TabStrip is implemented as a container of a Tabs collection, which in turn contains a group of Tab objects.

TabStrip 的默认属性是 SelectedItem 属性。The default property for a TabStrip is the SelectedItem property. TabStrip 的默认事件是 Change 事件。The default event for a TabStrip is the Change event.

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