Visible 属性 (Microsoft Forms)Visible property (Microsoft Forms)

指定对象是可见还是隐藏。Specifies whether an object is visible or hidden.


对象可见[= Boolean ]object.Visible [= Boolean ]

Visible 属性语法包含以下部分:The Visible property syntax has these parts:

PartPart 说明Description
objectobject 必需。Required. 对象有效。A valid object.
BooleanBoolean 可选。Optional. 对象是可见还是隐藏。Whether the object is visible or hidden.


Boolean 的设置如下:The settings for Boolean are:

Value 说明Description
TrueTrue 对象可见(默认)。Object is visible (default).
FalseFalse 对象隐藏。Object is hidden.


可用 Visible 属性控制访问信息但不显示信息。Use the Visible property to control access to information without displaying it. 例如,您可以使用隐藏窗体上的控件的值作为查询条件。For example, you could use the value of a control on a hidden form as the criteria for a query.

所有控件在设计时都可见。All controls are visible at design time.

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