刷新方案故障排除Troubleshooting refresh scenarios

此处介绍了关于在 Power BI 服务中刷新数据时可能会遇到的各种情况的信息。Here you can find information regarding different scenarios you may face when refreshing data within the Power BI service.


如果遇到未在下面列出会导致问题的情况,你可以在社区文章上寻求进一步的帮助,或者也可以创建支持票证If you encounter a scenario that is not listed below, and it is causing you issues, you can ask for further assistance on the community site, or you can create a support ticket.

使用 Web 连接器进行刷新的操作未能正常运行Refresh using Web connector doesn't work properly

如果你有一个正在使用 Web.Page 功能的 Web 连接器脚本,且已更新 2016 年 11 月 18 日后的数据集或报表,你需要使用网关微软主动保护计划使刷新才能正常工作。If you have a web connector script that's using the Web.Page function, and you have updated your dataset or report after November 18th, 2016, you need to use a gateway in order for refresh to work properly.

刷新不支持的数据源Unsupported data source for refresh

配置数据集时,可能会收到一个错误,指示此数据集使用了刷新不支持的数据源。When configuring a dataset, you may get an error indicating the dataset uses an unsupported data source for refresh. 有关详细信息,请参阅刷新不支持的数据源故障排除For details, see Troubleshooting unsupported data source for refresh

仪表板在刷新完成后不反映所做的更改Dashboard doesn't reflect changes after refresh

请等待大约 10-15 分钟,以便刷新反映在仪表板磁贴上。Please wait about 10-15 minutes for refresh to be reflected in the dashboard tiles. 如果仍未显示,请重新固定仪表板的可视化效果。If it is still not showing up, re-pin the visualization to the dashboard.

设置凭据时出现 GatewayNotReachableGatewayNotReachable when setting credentials

尝试设置数据源的凭据时,可能会遇到 GatewayNotReachable。You may encounter GatewayNotReachable when trying to set credentials for a data source. 这可能是由于网关过时导致的。This could be the result of an outdated gateway. 安装最新网关,然后重试。Install the latest gateway and try again.

处理错误:出现以下系统错误:类型不匹配Processing Error: The following system error occurred: Type Mismatch

这可能是由于 Power BI Desktop 文件或 Excel 工作簿中的 M 脚本问题。This could be an issue with your M script within your Power BI Desktop file or Excel Workbook. 也可能是由于 Power BI Desktop 版本已过时。It could also be due to an out of date Power BI Desktop version.

磁贴刷新错误Tile refresh errors

有关使用仪表板磁贴遇到的错误列表和说明,请参阅磁贴错误故障排除For a list of errors you may encounter with dashboard tiles, and explanations, see Troubleshooting tile errors.

更新使用 AAD OAuth 的源中的数据时刷新失败Refresh fails when updating data from sources that use AAD OAuth

Azure Active Director (AAD) OAuth 令牌由许多不同的数据源使用,大约一小时后过期。The Azure Active Director (AAD) OAuth token, used by many different data sources, expires in approximately one hour. 你可能会遇到加载数据所用时间长于令牌到期时间(超过一小时)的情况,这是因为 Power BI 服务在数据加载时等待时间长达两个小时。You can run into situations where loading data takes longer than the token expiration (more than one hour), since the Power BI service waits for up to two hours when loading data. 在这种情况下,数据加载过程可能失败,并显示凭据错误。In that situation, the data loading process can fail with a credentials error.

使用 AAD OAuth 的数据源包括 Microsoft Dynamics CRM OnlineSharePoint Online (SPO) 等。Data sources that use AAD OAuth include Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, SharePoint Online (SPO), and others. 如果你要连接到此类数据源,但在数据加载超过一小时后获取凭据失败,这可能正是原因所在。If you’re connecting to such data sources, and get a credentials failure when loading data takes more than an hour, this may be the reason.

Microsoft 正在研究一个解决方案,允许数据加载过程刷新令牌并继续。Microsoft is investigating a solution that allows the data loading process to refresh the token and continue. 但是,如果你的 Dynamics CRM Online 或 SharePoint Online 实例(或其他 AAD OAuth 数据源)较大,可能会达到两个小时的数据加载阈值,你也可能会遇到 Power BI 服务中数据加载超时的情况。However, if your Dynamics CRM Online or SharePoint Online instance (or other AAD OAuth data source) is so large that it could run into the two-hour data-load threshold, you may experience a data load timeout from the Power BI service as well.

另请注意,为了使刷新正常工作,请在使用 AAD OAuth 连接到 SharePoint Online 数据源时,务必使用与用于登录 Power BI 服务相同的帐户。Also note that, for refresh to work properly, when connecting to a SharePoint Online data source using AAD OAuth, you must use the same account that you use to sign in to the Power BI service.

未经压缩数据的刷新限制Uncompressed data limits for refresh

导入到 Power BI 服务的数据集的最大大小为 1 GB。The maximum size for datasets imported into the Power BI service is 1 GB. 为确保实现高性能,对这些数据集进行了深度压缩。These datasets are heavily compressed to ensure high performance. 此外,在共享容量中,服务设定的刷新期间处理的未压缩数据量限制为 10GB。In addition, in shared capacity, the service places a limit on the amount of uncompressed data that is processed during refresh to 10 GB. 此限制将压缩考虑在内,因此远大于 1 GB。This limit accounts for the compression, and therefore is much higher than 1 GB. Power BI Premium 中的数据集不受此限制的制约。Datasets in Power BI Premium are not subject to this limit. 如果 Power BI 服务中的刷新由于此原因失败,请减少要导入到 Power BI 的数据量,然后重试。If refresh in the Power BI service fails for this reason, please reduce the amount of data being imported to Power BI and try again.

计划的刷新超时Scheduled refresh timeout

导入数据集的计划刷新在两个小时后超时。Scheduled refresh for imported datasets timeout after two hours. 对于高级工作区中的数据集,此超时增加到五个小时。This timeout is increased to five hours for datasets in Premium workspaces. 如果你遇到此限制,可以考虑降低数据集的大小或复杂性,或者考虑将数据集拆分为更小的部分。If you are encountering this limit, you can consider reducing the size or complexity of your dataset, or consider breaking the dataset into smaller pieces.

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