组织中的 Power BI 许可Power BI licensing in your organization


在 Power BI 服务中,用户基于两种类型的许可证定义了功能:In the Power BI service, users have defined capabilities based on two types of licenses:

  • 每用户 - Power BI Pro 许可和免费许可。Per-user - Power BI Pro licensing and free licensing. Power BI Pro 许可证允许访问 Power BI 服务中的所有内容和功能,包括共享内容以及与其他 Pro 用户协作的功能。A Power BI Pro license enables access to all content and capabilities in the Power BI service, including the ability to share content and collaborate with other Pro users. 只有 Pro 用户可以将内容发布到应用工作区,使用这些内容,共享仪表板并订阅仪表板及报表。Only Pro users can publish to and consume content from app workspaces, share dashboards, and subscribe to dashboards and reports. 免费许可证允许访问某些 Power BI 服务的功能。A free license enables access to some of the features of the Power BI service. 有关详细信息,请参阅每用户许可证类型比较For more information, see Per-user license type comparison.

  • 基于容量 - Power BI Premium 许可。Capacity-based - Power BI Premium licensing. Premium 提供专用容量,在 Power BI 中具有更高的一致性并支持更大的数据量。Premium provides dedicated capacity to deliver more consistent performance and support larger data volumes in Power BI. 对于个人用户,Premium 还允许 Pro 用户广泛分发内容,且不要求查看内容的收件人都提供 Pro 许可证。For individual users, Premium also enables widespread distribution of content by Pro users without requiring Pro licenses for recipients who view the content. 有关详细信息,请参阅什么是 Power BI Premium?For more information, see What is Power BI Premium?.

本文从管理员角度重点介绍每用户许可。This article focuses on per-user licensing from an administrator perspective.

管理 Power BI Pro 许可证Manage Power BI Pro licenses

作为管理员,你可以购买和分配 Power BI Pro 许可证;你可以为你的组织注册 Power BI Pro 试用版。As an administrator, you can purchase and assign Power BI Pro licenses; and you can sign up for a Power BI Pro trial for your organization. 个人也可以注册 Power BI Pro 试用版。Individuals can also sign up for a Power BI Pro trial.

购买 Power BI ProPurchasing Power BI Pro

可以通过 Microsoft Office 365 或已认证的 Microsoft 合作伙伴购买 Power BI Pro 许可证。You purchase Power BI Pro licenses through Microsoft Office 365 or through a certified Microsoft partner. 购买许可证后,你可以将它们分配给各个用户。After you purchase the licenses, you assign them to individual users. 有关更多信息,请参阅购买和分配 Power BI Pro 许可证For more information, see Purchase and assign Power BI Pro licenses.

面向个人提供的 Power BI Pro 试用版Power BI Pro trial for individuals

你组织中的个人可以注册 Power BI Pro 试用版。Individuals in your organization can sign up for a Power BI Pro trial. 有关更多信息,请参阅以个人身份注册 Power BIFor more information, see Signing up for Power BI as an individual.

利用此产品内 Power BI Pro 试用版的用户不会在 Microsoft 365 管理中心内显示为 Power BI Pro 试用版用户(他们显示为 Power BI 免费用户)。Users who take advantage of the in-product Power BI Pro trial do not appear in the Microsoft 365 admin center as Power BI Pro Trial users (they appear as Power BI free users). 但是,他们会在 Power BI 中管理存储页面上显示为 Power BI Pro 试用版用户。They do, however, show up as Power BI Pro Trial users in the manage storage page in Power BI.

面向组织提供的 Power BI Pro 试用版Power BI Pro trial for organizations

如果你希望获取 Power BI 试用版许可证并部署给组织中的多个用户,而无需让单独用户分别接受试用条款,则可以为组织注册 Power BI Pro 试用版。If you want to acquire and deploy Power BI trial licenses to multiple users in your organization without users accepting trial terms individually, sign up for a Power BI Pro trial for your organization.

在执行注册步骤之前,请记住以下几点:Keep the following in mind before you follow the steps to sign up:

  • 要进行注册,你必须是 Office 365 中全局管理员或帐务管理员角色的成员。To sign up, you must be a member of the Global administrator or Billing administrator role in Office 365.

  • 每个租户限制使用一个组织试用版。There is a limit of one organizational trial per tenant. 这意味着如果有人已将 Power BI Pro 试用版应用到你的租户,则无法再次应用。This means that if someone has already applied the Power BI Pro Trial to your tenant, you cannot do it again. 如果需要这方面的帮助,请联系 Office 365 计费支持If you need assistance with this, contact Office 365 Billing support.

  1. 导航到 MIcrosoft 365 管理中心Navigate to the Microsoft 365 admin center.

  2. 在左侧导航窗格中,依次选择“计费”和“订阅”。On the left navigation pane, select Billing then Subscriptions.


  3. 选择右侧的“添加订阅”。On the right side, select Add subscriptions.


  4. 在“其他计划”下,将鼠标悬停在 Power BI Pro 的省略号 (...) 上方,然后选择“开始免费试用”。Under Other Plans, hover over the ellipsis (. . .) for Power BI Pro and select Start free trial.


  5. 在订单确认屏幕上,选择“立即试用”。On the order confirmation screen, select Try now.

  6. 在订单签收上选择“继续”。On the order receipt, select Continue.

现在,可以在 Office 365 中分配许可证Now you can assign licenses in Office 365.

管理 Power BI 免费许可证Manage Power BI free licenses

组织中的用户可以通过两种不同方式获取对 Power BI 免费许可证的访问权限:Users within your organization can gain access to Power BI free licenses in two different ways:

  • 可在 Microsoft 365 管理中心内为其分配 Power BI 许可证。You can assign a Power BI license to them within the Microsoft 365 admin center.

  • 如果用户注册 Power BI Pro 试用版且试用版到期,则会为其分配免费许可证。If a user signs up for a Power BI Pro trial and the trial expires, they are assigned a free license.

请求和分配免费许可证Requesting and assigning free licenses

如果你计划集中管理许可证请求和分配,请首先检查你是否已拥有无限制的 Power BI(免费)许可证块。If you plan to manage license requests and assignments centrally, first check whether you already have the unlimited Power BI (free) license block.

此许可证块会在某人首次以个人身份注册 Power BI 之后可用。This block of licenses is available after the first time someone signs up for Power BI as an individual. 在该过程中,此许可证块会附加到你的组织,一个许可证会分配给进行注册的用户。During that process, this license block is attached to your organization, and a license is assigned to the user who is signing up.

  1. 在 Microsoft 365 管理中心的“计费” > “许可证”下,检查“无限制”。In the Microsoft 365 admin center, under Billing > Licenses, check for unlimited.


  2. 如果此块可用,你现在可以在 Office 365 中分配许可证If the block is available, you can now assign licenses in Office 365. 如果此块不可用,你有两种选择:If the block isn't available, you have two choices:

    • 让你的组织成员单独注册,这会触发无限制块的创建。Have a member of your organization sign up individually, which triggers the creation of the unlimited block.

    • 转到下一个过程,你可以在其中注册固定数量的许可证。Go to the next procedure, where you can sign up for a fixed number of licenses.

如果无限制的 Power BI(免费)许可证块不可用且你不想单独注册,请按照此过程操作。If the unlimited Power BI (free) license block isn't available and you don't want to do an individual sign up, follow this procedure.

  1. 导航到 MIcrosoft 365 管理中心Navigate to the Microsoft 365 admin center.

  2. 在左侧导航窗格中,选择计帐 > 订阅On the left navigation pane, select Billing > Subscriptions.

  3. 选择右侧的“添加订阅 +”。On the right side, select Add subscriptions +.

  4. 在“其他计划”下,将鼠标悬停在 Power BI(免费)的省略号 (...) 上方,然后选择“立即购买”。Under Other Plans, hover over the ellipsis (. . .) for Power BI (free) and select Buy now.

    立即购买 - Power BI(免费)

  5. 输入要添加的许可证数,并选择“立即结帐”或“添加到购物车”。Enter the number of licenses you want to add and select Check out now or Add to cart.

  6. 输入结帐流程中的所需信息。Enter the required information in the check out flow.

    使用此方法时不会进行任何购买,不过你需要输入信用卡信息以进行计帐或选择开票。There is no purchase when using this approach, although you will need to either enter your credit card information for billing, or choose to be invoiced.

  7. 现在,你可以在 Office 365 中分配许可证You can now assign licenses in Office 365.

  8. 如果你以后决定要添加更多许可证,则可以返回到添加订阅,然后对 Power BI(免费)选择更改许可证数量If you decide later that you want to add more licenses, you can go back to Add subscriptions, and select Change license quantity for Power BI (free).


在 Azure Active Directory 中启用或禁用个人用户注册Enable or disable individual user sign up in Azure Active Directory

作为管理员,你可以通过 Azure Active Directory (AAD) 选择启用或禁用个人用户注册。As an administrator, you can choose to enable or disable individual user sign ups through Azure Active Directory (AAD). 本文的这一部分内容向你展示了如何使用 PowerShell 命令管理注册过程。This section of the article shows you how to manage sign ups with PowerShell commands. 有关 Azure PowerShell 的详细信息,请参阅 Azure PowerShell 概述For more information about Azure PowerShell, see Overview of Azure PowerShell.

控制注册的 AAD 设置是 AllowAdHocSubscriptions。The AAD setting that controls sign up is AllowAdHocSubscriptions. 在大多数租户中,会将此设置设置为 true,这意味着它处于启用状态。In most tenants, this is set to true, which means it is enabled. 如果你是通过合作伙伴获取 Power BI,则这可能会设置为 false,这意味着它处于禁用状态。If you acquired Power BI through a partner, this might be set to false, which means it is disabled. 如果你将该设置从 true 更改为 false,则会阻止组织中的新用户以个人身份注册。If you change the setting from true to false, new users in your organization are blocked from signing up individually. 在设置更改之前注册 Power BI 的用户将保留其许可证。Users that signed up for Power BI prior to the setting change retain their licenses.

  1. 使用 Office 365 凭据登录 Azure Active Directory。Sign into Azure Active Directory using your Office 365 credentials. 以下 PowerShell 脚本的第一行会提示你输入凭据。The first line of the following PowerShell script prompts you for your credentials. 第二行连接到 Azure Active Directory。The second line connects to Azure Active Directory.

     $msolcred = get-credential
     connect-msolservice -credential $msolcred

    Azure Active Directory 登录

  2. 登录之后,运行以下命令以查看当前是如何配置租户的。Once you are signed in, run the following command to see how your tenant is currently configured.

     Get-MsolCompanyInformation | fl AllowAdHocSubscriptions
  3. 运行以下命令启用 ($true) 或禁用 ($false) AllowAdHocSubscriptions。Run the following command to enable ($true) or disable ($false) AllowAdHocSubscriptions.

     Set-MsolCompanySettings -AllowAdHocSubscriptions $true


AllowAdHocSubscriptions 标记用于控制组织中的若干用户功能,其中包括用户注册 Azure 权限管理服务的功能。The AllowAdHocSubscriptions flag is used to control several user capabilities in your organization, including the ability for users to sign up for the Azure Rights Management Service. 更改此标志会影响所有这些功能。Changing this flag affects all of these capabilities.

后续步骤Next steps

自助注册 Power BISelf-service sign up for Power BI

购买和分配 Power BI Pro 许可证Purchase and assign Power BI Pro licenses

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