Office 365 专用客户 - 已知问题Office 365 dedicated customers - known issues

现在针对 Office 365 专用客户支持 Power BI。Power BI is now supported for Office 365 Dedicated customers. 如果你是 O365 专用客户,则可以使用来自该租户的帐户进行登录,并使用 Power BI。If you are an O365 Dedicated customer, you can sign in with an account from that tenant and use Power BI. 当前有两个已知问题。There are two known issues currently.


在组上下文菜单中选择成员日历时,你会改为重定向到邮件应用。When selecting Members or Calendar in the Group context menu, you will be redirected to the Mail app instead. 文件对话按预期方式工作。Files and Conversations work as expected.

iPhone 应用 - 使用虚域登录会导致错误iPhone App - sign in with vanity domain leads to error

使用具有虚域的登录名在 iPhone 应用中登录时,可能会遇到错误。When you sign in, on the iPhone app, using a login with a vanity domain, you may encounter an error.

登录错误Sign In error
发生意外内部错误。请重试。An unexpected internal error occurred. Please try again.

若要解决此问题,请使用在 Power BI 服务内单击用户图标时列出的电子邮件地址(而不是使用虚域)进行登录。To work around this issue, sign in with the email address listed when you click on the user icon within the Power BI service instead of with the vanity domain.

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