Power BI 存档工作区Power BI Archived Workspace

借助 Power BI,任何人都可以在几分钟内进行注册并开始使用服务。With Power BI, anyone can sign up and start using the service in a few minutes. 组织的 IT 部门以后可以选择针对组织中的用户接管 Power BI 的管理。Later, your organization's IT department may choose to take over managing Power BI for users in your organization. 如果进行这种接管,则你会得益于对组织中的用户和权限进行集中管理,并且你能够利用简化登录(使用在组织中用于其他服务的相同用户名和密码)。If this takeover occurs, you will benefit from central management of users and permissions in your organization and you may be able to take advantage of streamlined sign-in using the same username and password you use for other services in your organization.

在 IT 部门开始管理 Power BI 之前创建的任何内容都会置于 Power BI 存档工作区中,可从 Power BI 的左侧导航栏访问该工作区。Any content you created before your IT department started managing Power BI will be placed in a Power BI Archived Workspace, which is accessible from the left navigation of Power BI. 应在“我的工作区”中开始创建新 Power BI 内容,这由组织的 IT 部门进行保护和管理。You should start creating new Power BI content in My Workspace, which is secured and managed by your organization's IT department. 存档工作区会继续存在,但是对于可以对存档工作区中的内容执行的操作存在一些限制。Your Archived Workspace will continue to exist, but there are restrictions on actions you can perform on content in your Archived Workspace. 若要删除这些限制,你需要将内容从存档工作区迁移到“我的工作区”(由 IT 部门进行管理)。To remove these restrictions, you will need to migrate the content from your Archived Workspace to your My Workspace, managed by your IT department.

存档工作区中的限制Restrictions in your Archived Workspace

不会从存档工作区中删除任何内容。No content will be deleted from your Archived Workspace. 可以继续获取数据、创建报表和仪表板以及刷新数据集。You can continue to get data, create reports and dashboards, and refresh datasets. 将内容与之共享的现有用户也仍然能够在其存档工作区中查看内容。Existing users you have shared content with will still be able to view the content in their Archived Workspace too.

但是,对存档工作区中的内容存在一些限制:However, there are some restrictions on content in your Archived Workspace:

  • OneDrive for Business。OneDrive for Business. 对于存档工作区中的数据集,无法再从 OneDrive for Business 获取数据或进行刷新。 You will no longer be able to get data or refresh from OneDrive for Business for datasets in your Archived Workspace. 如果你尝试连接到此源,则会收到警告。If you try to connect to this source, you will receive a warning.
  • 共享仪表板。Sharing dashboards. 无法在存档工作区中与其他用户共享仪表板。 You can't share dashboards with other users from your Archived Workspace. 已获得访问权限的任何用户都继续能够通过访问其存档工作区来查看共享仪表板。Any users that already have access will continue to be able to view shared dashboards by accessing their Archived Workspace.
  • 创建组。Creating groups. 无法在存档工作区中创建组。 You can't create groups in your Archived Workspace.
  • 对 Power BI 移动应用的访问权限。Access on Power BI mobile apps. 虽然仍可以在存档工作区中查看 Web 内容,但此内容将不再出现在 Power BI 移动应用中。While you can still view content on the web in your Archived Workspace, this content will no longer appear in the Power BI mobile apps.

迁移存档工作区中的内容Migrating Content in your Archived Workspace

若要继续使用 Power BI,你应在“我的工作区”(由 IT 部门进行管理)中创建新内容。To continue to use Power BI, you should create new content in your My Workspace, managed by your IT department. 还应计划将存档工作区中的任何内容都迁移到“我的工作区”。You should also plan to migrate any content in your Archived Workspace to your My Workspace. 迁移内容的方式取决于内容类型:How you migrate content depends on the kind of content:

  • Excel 或 Power BI Desktop 数据集。Excel or Power BI Desktop Datasets. 从存档工作区切换到“我的工作区”,然后重新上载 Excel 或 Power BI Desktop 文件(通过单击“我的数据”按钮),可以迁移这些数据集。 Migrate these datasets by switching from your Archived Workspace to My Workspace and re-uploading the Excel or Power BI Desktop file by clicking the "My Data" button. 如果设置了计划的刷新,则需要在“我的工作区”中为新数据集重新配置这些设置。If you set up scheduled refresh, you will need to reconfigure those settings for the new dataset in My Workspace.
  • 其他数据集。Other Datasets. 切换到“我的工作区”,然后单击“获取数据”按钮,重新连接在存档工作区中创建的其他任何数据集。 Switch to My Workspace and then click the Get Data button to reconnect to any other datasets you created in your Archived Workspace. 可能需要重新输入安全或连接信息。You may need to re-enter security or connection information.
  • 报表。Reports. 重新上载相应 Excel 或 Power BI Desktop 文件或重新连接内容包后,Excel 或 Power BI Desktop 文件中包含的报表或作为内容包的一部分安装的报表会自动重新创建。 Reports that were contained in Excel or Power BI Desktop files or reports installed as part of content packs will be automatically recreated once you re-upload the corresponding Excel or Power BI Desktop file or reconnect to the content pack. 如果你通过 Power BI 服务创建了自己的报表,则需要在“我的工作区”中重新创建这些报表。If you created your own reports through the Power BI service, you will need to recreate those reports in your My Workspace.
  • 仪表板。Dashboards. 在“我的工作区”中重新连接内容包时,作为内容包的一部分安装的仪表板会自动重新创建。 Dashboards installed as part of content packs will be automatically recreated when you reconnect to the content pack in My Workspace. 如果你通过 Power BI 服务创建了自己的仪表板,则需要在“我的工作区”中重新创建这些仪表板。If you created your own dashboards through the Power BI service, you will need to recreate those dashboards in your My Workspace.

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