Power BI 和 ExpressRoutePower BI and ExpressRoute

借助 Power BIExpressRoute,可以创建从组织到 Power BI 的专用网络连接(或使用 ISP 的主机托管设施),从而绕过 Internet 以更好地保护敏感 Power BI 数据和连接。With Power BI and ExpressRoute, you can create a private network connection from your organization to Power BI (or using an ISP’s colocation facility), bypassing the Internet to better secure your sensitive Power BI data and connections.

ExpressRoute 是一种 Azure 服务,使你可以在 Azure 数据中心(Power BI 所在的位置)与本地基础结构之间创建专用连接,或是在 Azure 数据中心与主机托管环境之间创建专用连接。ExpressRoute is an Azure service that lets you create private connections between Azure datacenters (where Power BI resides) and your on-premises infrastructure, or create private connections between Azure datacenters and your colocation environment.

你可以获取有关 ExpressRoute 的详细信息,或了解如何注册You can get more information about ExpressRoute or learn how to sign up.


公共对等模式支持 Power BI,如此常见问题中所述。Power BI is supported in Public peering mode, as described in this FAQ.

Power BI ExpressRoute 例外情况Power BI ExpressRoute Exceptions

Power BI 符合 ExpressRoute 标准,但是在少数例外情况下 Power BI 会通过公共 Internet 获取或发送数据。Power BI is compliant with ExpressRoute, with a few exceptions where Power BI gets or sends data over the public Internet. 这些特定例外情况通常包括静态数据,例如从最近的内容交付网络 (CDN) 节点下载的浏览器配置文件。These specific exceptions often include static data, such as browser configuration files that are downloaded from the nearest Content Delivery Network (CDN) node. 有一些适用于所有 Power BI 的广泛例外情况,还有一些特定于服务或功能的例外情况(以下各部分中记录了每种例外情况下)。There are some broad exceptions which apply to all of Power BI, and there are some service- or feature-specific exceptions, each of which are documented in the following sections.

Power BI 和 ExpressRoute 的整体例外情况Overall Exceptions to Power BI and ExpressRoute

Power BIExpressRoute 的例外情况意味着与 Power BI 之间来回传输的数据要通过公共 Internet 传输,而不是通过专用 ExpressRoute 链路传输。An exception to Power BI and ExpressRoute means that the data being transmitted to or from Power BI goes over the public Internet, rather than being transmitted over the private ExpressRoute link.

使用 ExpressRoute 的 Power BI 的两个整体例外情况是:The two overall exceptions to Power BI using ExpressRoute are:

  • 内容交付网络 (CDN) 和网站下载的静态文件Static files downloaded from the Content Delivery Network (CDN) and websites
  • 通过公共 Internet 发送的遥测数据Telemetry data sent over the public Internet

Power BI 使用多个内容交付网络 (CDN) 或网站来高效地根据地理区域设置将所需的静态内容和文件通过公共 Internet 分发到用户。Power BI uses multiple Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) or web sites to efficiently distribute the necessary static content and files to users based on geographical locale through the public Internet. 这些静态文件包括产品下载(如 Power BI Desktop本地数据网关或来自各个独立服务提供商的 Power BI 内容包)、用于发起和建立与 Power BI 的任何后续连接的浏览器配置文件以及初始安全 Power BI 登录页 – 实际凭据仅通过 ExpressRoute 进行发送。These static files include product downloads (such as Power BI Desktop, on-premises data gateway, or Power BI Content Packs from various independent service providers), browser configuration files that are used to initiate and establish any subsequent connections with Power BI, as well as the initial secure Power BI login page – the actual credentials are only sent over ExpressRoute.

某些遥测数据也通过公共 Internet 和 ExpressRoute 进行发送。Certain telemetry data is also sent over the public Internet and over ExpressRoute. 遥测数据包括使用情况统计信息和相似数据,它们会传输给用于监视使用情况和活动的服务。Telemetry data includes usage statistics and similar data, which is transmitted to services that are used to monitor usage and activity.

Power BI SaaS 应用程序和 ExpressRoutePower BI SaaS Application and ExpressRoute

当用户发起与 Power BI 服务的连接(powerbi.com 或通过 Cortana)时,Power BI 登陆页、登录页以及使浏览器准备好与 Power BI 进行连接和交互的静态文件会从 CDN 或网站(通过公共 Internet 连接)进行检索。When a user initiates a connection to the Power BI service (powerbi.com or through Cortana), the Power BI Landing Page, the login page, and static files that prepare the browser to connect and interact with Power BI are retrieved from a CDN or websites, which connects over the public Internet.

建立登录之后,后续 Power BI 数据交互会通过 ExpressRoute 进行,但依赖于公共 Internet 数据的某些功能和服务除外:Once the login is established, subsequent Power BI data interactions occur over ExpressRoute, with the exception of certain features and services that depend on public Internet data:

  • 地图视觉对象需要与必应虚拟地球服务或必应地理编码服务之间的连接和数据传输,它们各自通过公共 Internet 进行建立。Map visuals require connection and data transmission to the Bing Virtual Earth service or the Bing geocoding service, each of which is established over the public Internet.
  • Power BI 与 Cortana 的集成需要通过公共 Internet 访问必应。Power BI integration with Cortana requires access to Bing over the public Internet.
  • 当用户添加自定义链接(如图像小组件或视频)时,Power BI 会基于用户提供的链接请求数据,这可能会使用也可能不会使用 ExpressRoute。When custom links are added by a user, such as an image widget or a video, Power BI requests data based on the link provided by the user, which may or may not use ExpressRoute.
  • 用户可以通过 User Voice 反馈机制(使用公共 Internet 进行传输)采用文本(并且可以选择使用图像)向 Power BI 发送反馈Users can send feedback to Power BI in text (and optionally images) over the User Voice feedback mechanism, which uses the public Internet for transmission.
  • 必应新闻内容提供商会使用公共 Internet 从必应下载内容。The Bing News content provider downloads content from Bing using the public Internet.
  • 当连接到应用(例如,内容包)时,用户通常需要使用由 SaaS 提供商提供的页面输入凭据和设置。When connecting to apps (for example, content packs), users are often required to enter credentials and settings using pages provided by the SaaS provider. 这类页面可能会也可能不会使用 ExpressRoute。Such pages may or may not use ExpressRoute.
用户活动User Activity 目标Destination
登陆页(登录之前)Landing page (prior to login) maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com ; ajax.aspnetcdn.com ; netdna.bootstrapcdn.com ; cdn.optimizely.com; google-analytics.com
登录Login *.mktoresp.com ; *.aadcdn.microsoftonline-p.com ; *.msecnd.com ; *.localytics.com ; ajax.aspnetcdn.com
仪表板、报表、数据集管理(包括地图和地理编码)Dashboard, report, dataset management (includes maps and geocoding) *.localytics.com ; *.virtualearth.net ; platform.bing.com; powerbi.microsoft.com; c.microsoft.com; app.powerbi.com; *.powerbi.com; dc.services.visualstudio.com
支持Support support.powerbi.com ; powerbi.uservoice.com ; go.microsoft.com

Power BI Desktop 和 ExpressRoutePower BI Desktop and ExpressRoute

Power BI Desktop 也符合 ExpressRoute 标准,除了下面列表中所述的几种例外情况:Power BI Desktop is also ExpressRoute compliant, with a few exceptions that are described in the following list:

  • 更新通知(用于检测用户是否具有最新版本的 Power BI Desktop)通过公共 Internet 传输。Update notifications, used to detect whether users have the most recent version of Power BI Desktop, go over the public Internet.
  • 某些遥测数据通过公共 Internet 传输。Certain telemetry data goes over the public Internet.
  • 地图视觉对象需要与必应虚拟地球服务或必应地理编码服务之间的连接和数据传输,它们各自通过公共 Internet 进行建立。Map visuals require connection and data transmission to the Bing Virtual Earth service or the Bing geocoding service, each of which is established over the public Internet.
  • 来自几个数据源(如 Web 或第三方 SaaS 提供商)的获取数据通过公共 Internet 传输。Get Data from several data sources such as Web or third party SaaS providers go over the public Internet.

Power BI PaaS 和 ExpressRoutePower BI PaaS and ExpressRoute

Power BI 提供 API 和其他基于平台的功能,使开发人员可以创建自定义 Power BI 解决方案和应用。Power BI offers APIs and other platform-based features that enable developers to create customized Power BI solutions and apps. 除了本主题前面讨论的遥测和 CDN 数据之外,通过公共 Internet 传输 Power BI PaaS 数据时还会使用以下服务:The following services, in addition to telemetry and CDN data discussed earlier in this topic, are used when transmitting Power BI PaaS data over the public Internet:

PaaS 活动PaaS Activity 使用的其他目标Additional destinations used
公共嵌入式(遥测)Public embed (telemetry) c1.microsoft.com
自定义视觉对象 (CDN)Custom visuals (CDN) *.azureedge.net

某些自定义视觉对象由第三方创建,另一些由 Microsoft 创建。Some custom visuals are created by third-parties, some are created by Microsoft. 这些内容可能会也可能不会使用 ExpressRoute。These may or may not use ExpressRoute.

Power BI Mobile 和 ExpressRoutePower BI Mobile and ExpressRoute

本文档不涉及 Power BI Mobile 应用的使用。This document does not cover the use of Power BI Mobile apps.

本地数据网关和 ExpressRouteOn-premises data gateway and ExpressRoute

本地数据网关与 Power BI 一起使用时,传输符合 ExpressRoute 标准,除了本主题前面的 Power BI SaaS 应用程序和 ExpressRoute 中记录的用户活动。When an on-premises data gateway is used with Power BI, transmissions are ExpressRoute compliant, with the exception of the user activities documented in the Power BI SaaS Application and ExpressRoute section found earlier in this topic.