Power BI 中的 SQL Server Analysis Services 实时数据SQL Server Analysis Services live data in Power BI

在 Power BI 中,有两种方法可以连接到实时的 SQL Server Analysis Services 服务器。In Power BI, there are two ways you can connect to a live SQL Server Analysis Services server. 获取数据时,可以连接到 SQL Server Analysis Services 服务器,或者可以连接到已连接到 Analysis Services 服务器的 Power BI Desktop 文件Excel 工作簿In Get data, you can connect to a SQL Server Analysis Services server, or you can connect to a Power BI Desktop file, or Excel workbook, that already connects to an Analysis Services server.


  • 若要连接到实时的 Analysis Services 服务器,管理员必须安装并配置本地数据网关。In order to connect to a live Analysis Services server, an on-premises data gateway must be installed and configured by an administrator. 有关详细信息,请参阅本地数据网关For more information, see On-premises data gateway.
  • 当使用网关时,你的数据将保留在本地。When you use the gateway, your data remains on-premises. 你基于数据创建的报表保存在 Power BI 服务中。The reports you create based on that data are saved in the Power BI service.
  • 问答自然语言查询对 Analysis Services 实时连接以预览提供。Q&A natural language querying is in preview for Analysis Services live connections.

要在获取数据时连接到一个模型To connect to a model from Get data

  1. 在“我的工作区”中,选择“获取数据”。In My Workspace, select Get data. 你还可以切换到组工作区中,如果有的话。You can also change to a group workspace, if one is available.

  2. 选择数据库和其他Select Databases & More.

  3. 选择 SQL Server Analysis Services > 连接Select SQL Server Analysis Services > Connect.

  4. 选择一个服务器。Select a server. 如果你未看见此处列出任何服务器,则表示未配置网关和数据源,或者在网关中的数据源的用户选项卡中未列出你的帐户。If you don't see any servers listed here, it means either a gateway, and data source, are not configured, or your account is not listed in the Users tab of the data source, in the gateway. 请与你的管理员确认。Check with your adminsitrator.
  5. 选择想要连接到的模型。Select the model you want to connect to. 该模型可以是表格或多维模型。This could be either Tabular or Multidimensional.

连接到模型后,该模型将在 Power BI 站点的我的工作区/数据集中显示。After you connect to the model, it will appear in your Power BI site in My Workspace/Datasets. 如果切换到组工作区,那么数据集将在组中显示。If you were swtiched to a group workspace, then the dataset will appear within the group.

仪表板磁贴Dashboard tiles

如果将视觉对象从报表固定到仪表板,那么将每 10 分钟自动刷新固定的磁贴。If you pin visuals from a report to the dashboard, the pinned tiles are automatically refreshed every 10 minutes. 如果更新了本地 Analysis Services 服务器中的数据,那么 10 分钟后会自动更新磁贴。If the data in your on-premises Analysis Services server is updated, the tiles will get auto-updated after 10 minutes.

后续步骤Next steps

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