更新: 2009-04-30

This Transact-SQL procedure validates the data for all hierarchies in a specified dimension.


[ @RC = ] dbo.bsp_DI_ValidateHierarchiesForADimension 
@DimensionName = N'model_site_label:dimension_label' 
[,[ @CurrentSiteName = ] N'current_site_label' ]


  • [ **@DimensionName** = ] N'model_site_label:dimension_label'
    The fully qualified name of the dimension. model_site_label:dimension_label is nvarchar(128). It has no default.
  • [ **@CurrentSiteName** = ] N'current_site_label'
    The label of the current site name. current_site_label is nvarchar(128). It has no default.

Return Value

Returns int value for an error code.


To run this procedure, you must have the fixed database roles of db_datareader and db_datawriter. You must also have explicit execute permissions on the database object.


The dimension name is the dimension that is being validated. The current model site name is the context in which you are validating the dimension. If you are validating a dimension from the model subsite, resortmgt, and you try to delete a row where the RowID is equal to 0 (root site) or subsite (greater than 0), validation will give you an error.


This example shows the validation of data in all hierarchies in dimension D_Product (label name Product).

USE [Alpine_Ski_House_StagingDB]
DECLARE @return_value INT
EXEC @return_value = [dbo].[bsp_DI_ValidateHierarchiesForADimension]
     @DimensionName = N'Ash_Corporate:Product',
     @CurrentSiteName = N'Ash_Corporate'
SELECT 'Return Value' = @return_value

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