SharePoint 调控概述SharePoint governance overview

调控是一组策略、角色、责任和流程,用于控制组织的业务部门和 IT 团队如何协同工作以实现其目标。Governance is the set of policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes that control how your organization's business divisions and IT teams work together to achieve its goals. 我们建议您在开始使用 SharePoint 时 先考虑调控We recommend that you consider governance first as you start working with SharePoint. 提前制定调控计划可帮助您的组织遵守业务流程和管理法规。Having a governance plan in place early can help your organization stay compliant with your business processes and regulations.

在组织中使用 SharePoint 的两种主要方式是 intranet 网站协作Two of the primary ways SharePoint is used in an organization are intranet sites and collaboration. 请参阅在 Microsoft 365 中 规划 intranet 治理协作管理概述 ,以在这两个领域中查看管辖。See Planning intranet governance and Overview of collaboration governance in Microsoft 365 for a look at governance in these two areas.


使用这些资源可进一步探索 Microsoft SharePoint 和相关服务中的管理。Use these resources to further explore governance in Microsoft SharePoint and related services.


SharePoint 与其他 Microsoft 365 服务紧密集成,包括 Microsoft 365 组、团队和 Yammer。SharePoint is tightly integrated with other Microsoft 365 services, including Microsoft 365 Groups, Teams, and Yammer. 应以包含这些其他服务的方式考虑 SharePoint 管理,这一点非常重要。It's important to think about SharePoint governance in a way that's inclusive of these other services. Microsoft 365 包括各种选项,可跨 SharePoint 和相关服务启用您的管理策略,包括团队、Planner、Stream、Outlook、Yammer 和 Microsoft 365 组。Microsoft 365 includes a variety of options to enable your governance policies across SharePoint and related services, including Teams, Planner, Stream, Outlook, Yammer and Microsoft 365 Groups.

若要查看 SharePoint 调控功能与其他 Microsoft 365 服务的重叠情况,请参阅:To see how SharePoint governance capabilities overlap with other Microsoft 365 services, see:

有关 SharePoint 网站的生命周期指南以及相关的 Microsoft 365 服务,请参阅:For lifecycle guidance for SharePoint sites together with related Microsoft 365 services, see:

管理可创建 Microsoft 365 组的人员Manage who can create Microsoft 365 Groups

管理中心中的 microsoft 365 报表– Microsoft 365 组Microsoft 365 reports in the admin center – Microsoft 365 Groups

创建安全的来宾共享环境Create a secure guest sharing environment

在与组织外人员共享文件时限制意外公开信息Limit accidental exposure to files when sharing with people outside your organization