Microsoft Stream 常见问题解答Microsoft Stream FAQ

什么是 Microsoft Stream?What is Microsoft Stream?

Stream 是一个企业视频服务,组织中的人员可以在其中安全地上传、查看、整理和共享视频。Stream is an enterprise video service where people in an organization can upload, view, organize, and share videos securely.

Microsoft Stream 的目标用户是谁?Who is Microsoft Stream intended for?

Microsoft Stream 是面向所有规模的企业的员工的视频管理和共享服务,他们希望在工作场所使用视频来连接、协作、学习和共享信息。Microsoft Stream is the video management and sharing service for employees at all levels across businesses of all sizes who are interested in using videos in the workplace to connect, collaborate, learn and share information. 任何人都可以随时随地在自己的设备上轻松搜索和使用视频。Anyone can search for videos easily and consume them on their device, whenever and wherever.

我能否与特定人员或组织共享视频?Can I share videos with a specific person or my organization?

可以。Yes. 您可以在组织内或特定人员、Microsoft 365 组或 AD 安全组之间共享视频。You can share videos within an organization or with a specific person, a Microsoft 365 Group, or AD security group. 了解有关设置权限的详细信息。Learn more about setting permissions.

Microsoft Stream 是否可以在移动设备上工作?Will Microsoft Stream work on mobile devices?

Microsoft Stream 适用于跨 iOS 和 Android 具有完整功能的移动 Web 浏览器。Microsoft Stream is available on mobile web browsers with full functionality across iOS and Android. 此外,你可以下载 Microsoft Stream iOS 和 Android 应用In addition there are Microsoft Stream iOS and Android apps you can download.

能否通过 Microsoft Stream 执行实时流式处理?Can I do live streaming from Microsoft Stream?

可以,你可以在 Microsoft Stream 和 Microsoft 365 中创建实时事件。Yes, you can create live events across Microsoft Stream and Microsoft 365. 有关详细信息,请参阅实时事件概述For more information, see Live event overview.

Microsoft Stream 支持哪些语言?What languages does Microsoft Stream support?

有关支持语言列表,请参阅本地化 Microsoft StreamSee Localize Microsoft Stream for the list of supported languages.

是否可以自动为已上传的视频生成隐藏式字幕?Can closed captions automatically be generated for uploaded videos?

可以。Yes. 如果视频设置了语言字段,且视频中讲述的语言是英语或西班牙语,则 Microsoft Stream 当前将自动为已上传的视频生成隐藏式字幕。Microsoft Stream currently will automatically generate a closed caption for an uploaded video if the video has the language field set and the language spoken in the video is either english or spanish. 有关详细信息,请参阅生成自动字幕See Generate automatic captions for more information.

Microsoft Stream 将我的数据托管在哪些区域?Which regions does Microsoft Stream host my data in?

流目前承载以下区域中的数据:Stream currently hosts data in the following regions:

  • 美国United States
  • 欧洲Europe
  • 亚太地区Asia Pacific
  • 澳大利亚Australia
  • 印度India
  • 英国United Kingdom
  • 加拿大Canada
  • 美国政府社区云(GCC)US Government Community Cloud (GCC)

流将在未来的以下区域中承载数据:Stream will host data in the following regions in the future:

  • 中国China
  • 德国Germany
  • GCC-高/GCC-DoDGCC-High / GCC-DoD
  • 其他本地区域Other local regions

如果使用 Microsoft Stream,而 Office 365 租户位于当前部署流的区域外部的区域中,则您的数据将存储在最近的地理区域中。If you use Microsoft Stream and your Office 365 tenant is in a region outside of regions where Stream is currently deployed to, your data will be stored in the nearest geographic region.

若要查找你的租户所在的地区,请执行以下操作:To find the region your tenant is in:

  1. 在 "流" 中,单击 In Stream, click ? 右上角。in the upper right corner.

  2. 单击 "关于 Microsoft Stream"。Click About Microsoft Stream.

  3. 单击存储在中的数据Click Your data is stored in.

随着时间的推移,我们将在更多区域和位置添加流实例。Over time, we will be adding Stream instances in more regions and locations.

若要详细了解在 Office 365 中跨服务存储数据的位置,请参阅您的 Office 365 数据位于何处For more information in general on where data is stored across services in Office 365, see Where is your Office 365 data located.

Microsoft Stream 视频存储的工作原理是什么?How does video storage work for Microsoft Stream?

Microsoft Stream 将视频和元数据存储其自己基于 Azure 构建的服务中。Microsoft Stream stores videos and metadata in its own service built on top of Azure. 因此,它对上传的视频有自己的存储配额。As such, it has its own storage quota for videos uploaded. 只有上传的原始视频才计入配额 -- 自适应流式处理的转码副本不会计入配额。Only the original videos uploaded count against the quota -- transcoded copies for adaptive streaming don't count against your quota. 有关存储的详细信息,请参阅许可概述See Licensing overview for more information on storage.

Microsoft Stream 的 Microsoft 365 合规性类别是什么?What is the Microsoft 365 Compliance Category for Microsoft Stream?

从5月2019日至5月,Microsoft Stream 在 Microsoft 365 合规性框架中被分类为第 D 层服务。As of May 2019, Microsoft Stream is classified as a tier D service within the Microsoft 365 Compliance Framework. D 层是指 Stream 满足以下类似标准的合规性承诺:FERPA、ISO、EUMC、HIIPAA、SOC 1/2、FedRAMP、HITRUST 等。Tier D means Stream meets compliance commitments around standards like: FERPA, ISO, EUMC, HIIPAA, SOC 1/2, FedRAMP, HITRUST, and others.

有关详细信息,请参阅 Microsoft 365 合规性框架文档,并查看每一层中的特定认证和标准:Learn more from the Microsoft 365 Compliance framework documentation and see the specific certifications and standards that are in each tier:

Microsoft Stream 支持哪些浏览器?What browsers does Microsoft Stream support?


Microsoft 365 应用程序和服务将不支持 Internet Explorer 11 从第17月17日开始,2021 (Microsoft 团队将不会早支持 Internet Explorer 11,从 2020) 年11月30日开始。Microsoft 365 apps and services will not support Internet Explorer 11 starting August 17, 2021 (Microsoft Teams will not support Internet Explorer 11 earlier, starting November 30, 2020). 了解详细信息Learn more. 请注意,Internet Explorer 11 将保留为受支持的浏览器。Please note that Internet Explorer 11 will remain a supported browser. Internet Explorer 11 是 Windows 操作系统的一个组件,遵循安装它的产品 的生命周期策略Internet Explorer 11 is a component of the Windows operating system and follows the Lifecycle Policy for the product on which it is installed.

Microsoft Stream 支持 Microsoft Edge 以及 Chrome 和 Safari 的当前版本。Microsoft Stream supports Microsoft Edge and the current versions of Chrome and Safari.

实时事件常见问题解答Live event FAQ

编码器是什么?What is an encoder?

简单地说,编码器将从各种输入中压缩音频和视频,并将输出发送到流式服务,例如 Microsoft Stream。Simply put, an encoder compresses audio and video from various inputs and sends that output to a streaming service, such as Microsoft Stream. 通常情况下,可以使用硬件、软件和移动应用。Typically, there are hardware, software and mobile apps that you can use. 了解有关已使用 Microsoft Stream 测试的编码器的详细信息。Learn more about the encoders that have been tested with Microsoft Stream.

为什么看不到 "创建实时事件" 选项?Why can't I see the "Create a live event" option?

具有允许的许可证的用户(在概述中列出)以及由流管理员启用的用户可以创建实时事件。Users with the allowable licenses (listed in the overview), and who are enabled by the Stream admin can create live events. 请检查您是否拥有有效的许可证,或与您的流管理员联系以获取对此功能的访问权限。Check that you have a valid license, or contact your Stream admin to get access to this feature.

谁可以观看活动事件?Who can watch a live event?

实时事件 viewership 权限的工作方式与 Microsoft Stream 中的所有其他视频一样。Live events viewership permissions work just like all other videos in Microsoft Stream. Viewership 访问权限可限制为个人或组,也可用于整个组织。Viewership access can be limited to individuals or groups, or available to the entire organization.

我的组织外部的人员是否可以观看我的 live 事件?Can people outside of my organization watch my live event?

目前,通过 Microsoft Stream 传递的事件仅供组织内的查看者在内部使用。Currently, events streamed through Microsoft Stream are only available to internally to viewers within your organization.

可以看到哪种类型的分析?What kind of analytics can I see?

事件发生器可以查看事件处于活动状态时的观察器总数。Event producers can see the total number of watchers when the event is live. 事件完成后,制造者可以查看从视频主题到视图计数算法的整个生存期的总视图数。When the event is completed, the producer can see the total number of views across the lifetime of the video subject to the view count algorithm.

您支持哪些摄取协议?What ingest protocols do you support?

Microsoft Stream 支持从大多数编码器中摄取 RTMP 和 RTMPS。Microsoft Stream supports RTMP and RTMPS ingest from most encoders. RTMP 和 RTMPS 协议的编码器实现可能会有所不同,因此建议使用经过测试的编码器和良好的已知配置Encoder implementation of RTMP and RTMPS protocol can vary, so it is recommended to use a tested encoder with a good known configuration.

什么是活动前状态?What is the pre-live state?

"预 live" 状态可帮助发生器设置其实时事件。The pre-live state helps producers to set up their live event. 在此状态下,访问群体成员将看不到你的实时流,但在你选择启动 live 事件之前,将显示一个盖板。When in this state, audience members will not see your live stream, but will be shown a slate until you choose to start the live event. 在此状态下,您可以选择断开安装程序稍后再回来。In this state, you can choose to disconnect the setup to come back at a later time. 在练习活动时,这很有用。This is useful when practicing for your live event.

我可以停止并重新启动我的活动吗?Can I stop and restart my event?

如果处于活动的预发布状态,则可以断开事件连接If you are in the pre-live state of your event, you can disconnect the event. 通过执行此操作,您将需要重新启动安装过程。By doing so, you will need to restart the setup process. 这对于在实际事件日期之前测试事件非常有用。This is useful for testing your event before the actual event date. 如果您的活动已处于活动状态,则无法重新启动广播。结束后,该事件将完成。If your event is already live, you can't restart the broadcast; once ended, the event will be completed.

是否可以重新连接编码器?Can I reconnect my encoder?

是的,如果由于某种原因断开编码器的连接,则可以在编码器支持此功能时进行重新连接,前提是您对给定安装程序使用相同的输出配置文件。Yes, if your encoder disconnects for some reason, you can reconnect if the encoder supports this functionality, so long as you use the same output profile for a given setup. 如果编码器断开连接的时间太长,则该事件将自动从前置状态转换为脱机(可以再次启动安装程序),或者从 live 结束(此时事件将完成,并且无法重新启动)。If your encoder is disconnected for too long, the event will either automatically transition from pre-live to offline (you can start setup again), or from live to ended (the event will be complete at this point and can't be restarted). 请注意,如果编码器断开连接的时间太长或未正确重新连接,则观众可能会遇到错误的查看体验或查看错误。Note, your audience may have a bad viewing experience or see errors if your encoder either disconnected for too long, or is not reconnected properly.

如果你在准备工作,可能会断开Microsoft Stream 内的设置,以发送新的输出,但必须再次启动安装程序If you are in pre-live, you may disconnect your setup from within Microsoft Stream to send a new output, but you must start the setup again. 如果您的事件已完成,则不能这样做。It is not possible if your event is already completed.

事件结束后我的视频会发生什么情况?What happens to my video after the event ends?

由制造者停止该事件后,可立即在 Microsoft Stream 中查看按需查看。After the event is stopped by the producer, it is immediately available for viewing on-demand in Microsoft Stream. 如果选择了这些选项,自动语音到文本和面部检测将开始处理。If the options are selected, the automatic speech-to-text and facial detection will start processing. 该视频也会由所有者下载。The video will also be downloadable by an owner. Microsoft Stream 注释将可供使用。Microsoft Stream comments will be available for use.

我的 live 事件可以多长时间?How long can my live event be?

实时事件的最大长度为4小时。The maximum length of a live event is 4 hours.

我的事件自动停止,会发生什么情况?My event automatically stopped, what's going on?

在达到活动事件的最大长度后,它将自动停止该事件,并可用于按需消耗量。After the maximum length of a live event has been reached, it will automatically stop the event and will become available for on-demand consumption.

实际生活和在线 live 事件之间是否存在延迟?Is there a lag between real life and the online live event?

是的,在线 live 事件上会出现时间延迟。Yes, there is a time delay that will be seen on the online live event.

我能否将 live 事件嵌入另一个网站?Can I embed the live event in another site?

是的,就像 Microsoft Stream 中的所有其他视频一样,您可以使用嵌入代码轻松地将 live 事件嵌入到任何网站上。Yes, just like all other videos in Microsoft Stream, you can easily embed the live event on any website using the embed code. 此外,还提供了与 Microsoft 团队、Yammer 和 SharePoint 支持简单嵌入的更深入的集成。There are also deeper integrations with Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and SharePoint that support simple embedding. 只有具有查看 live 事件权限的查看者才能观看该活动。Only viewers who have permissions to view the live event will be able to watch it.

我的实时流似乎存在问题,我该怎么办?There seems to be an issue with my live stream, what do I do?

通常情况下,如果能够正确地连接到 live 事件,则编码器可能存在问题。Commonly, if you are able to correctly connect to the live event, there may be an issue with the encoder. 首先检查编码器是否已连接并正确流式处理。Start by checking that your encoder is connected and streaming correctly. 高 CPU 负载或带宽限制可能会导致 live 事件出现问题。High CPU load or bandwidth constraints can cause issues with your live event.

为什么我无法在 Microsoft Stream 中看到 Microsoft 团队生成的事件?Why can't I see the Microsoft Teams produced events in Microsoft Stream?

目前,此制造者流不是由 Microsoft Stream 提供支持。Currently, this producer flow is not powered by Microsoft Stream. 若要在 Stream 中查看事件,在事件完成后,只需将下载的录制上传到 Microsoft Stream 中。To see your events in Stream, after the event is completed, simply upload the downloaded recording into Microsoft Stream.

您支持哪种 live 字幕格式?What live captions format do you support?

Stream 支持 CEA 708 嵌入标题。Stream supports CEA 708 embedded captions.

如何向我的活动添加实时字幕?How can I add live captions to my events?

如果您使用的编码器支持嵌入的 CEA 708 标题,并且正在使用 stenographer 或其他方法生成字幕,则 Stream 将自动检测这些字幕,并且监视该事件的人员可以将其打开或关闭,也可以配置它们的外观,就像处理按需视频标题那样。If you're using an encoder that supports embedded CEA 708 captions and are generating captions using a stenographer or other method, Stream will automatically detect the captions and the people who are watching the event can toggle them on or off as well as configure the look and feel of them, the same way they do for on-demand video captions. 当您的活动事件结束时,您可以选择保留生成的实时标题,或者将标题的已清理版本上传为 VTT,这将覆盖原始标题。When your live event is over, you can chose to keep the generated live captions as is or upload a cleaned up version of the captions as a VTT which will overwrite the original.

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