Microsoft Stream 常见问题解答Microsoft Stream FAQ

本文提供常见问题的解答。This article gives answers to the frequently asked questions.

什么是 Microsoft Stream?What is Microsoft Stream?

Microsoft Stream 是一个企业级视频服务,可让组织中的人员安全上传、观看、组织和共享视频。Microsoft Stream is an Enterprise Video service where people in an organization can upload, view, organize and share videos securely. 使用工作电子邮件就能轻松操作 Microsoft Stream。It's easy to get started with your work email. 详细了解 Microsoft Stream 注册过程Learn more about the Microsoft Stream sign-up process

Microsoft Stream 的受众是哪些人?Who is Microsoft Stream intended for?

Microsoft Stream 是一项视频管理和共享服务,适用于有兴趣在工作场所使用视频进行联系、协作、学习和共享信息的员工,无论职位高低,无论企业大小。Microsoft Stream is the video management and sharing service for employees at all levels across businesses of all sizes who are interested in using videos in the workplace to connect, collaborate, learn and share information. 任何人都能随时随地在其设备上轻松搜索并使用视频。Anyone can search for videos easily and consume them on their device, whenever and wherever.

使用 Microsoft Stream 需要哪些工具?What tools do I need to use Microsoft Stream?

只需拥有 Web 浏览器和工作电子邮件地址即可使用 Microsoft Stream。All you need is a web browser and a work email address to use Microsoft Stream.

Microsoft Stream 支持哪些浏览器?What browsers does Microsoft Stream support?

Microsoft Stream 支持 Microsoft Edge、Internet Explorer 11 以及最新版 Chrome 和 Safari。Microsoft Stream supports Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, and the current versions of Chrome and Safari.

为何必须使用工作电子邮件注册?Why do I have to sign up with my work email?

我们不支持个人用户型电子邮件服务提供商或电信提供商提供的电子邮件地址。We don't support email addresses from consumer email services or telecommunications providers. 详细了解 Microsoft Stream 注册过程Learn more about the Microsoft Stream sign-up process.

支持哪些工作电子邮件地址?Which work email addresses are supported?

支持以 .com、.edu 和 .org 结尾的工作电子邮件地址。Work email addresses ending in .com, .edu, and .org are supported.

目前不支持那些以 .gov 和 .mil 结尾的工作电子邮件地址。Those ending in .gov and .mil aren't currently supported.

我能够与特定人员还是整个组织共享视频?Can I share videos with a specific person or my organization?

是。Yes. 在上传或编辑期间,可以使用“谁可查看此视频”设置选择在整个组织内共享视频,或者与特定人员共享视频。You can share videos within an organization or with a specific person or people using the "Who can see this video" setting that is available during upload or edit. 此处详细了解权限设置。Learn more about setting permissions here.

Microsoft Stream 会在移动设备上正常运行吗?Will Microsoft Stream work on mobile devices?

Microsoft Stream 可以通过移动浏览器使用,在所有平台(iOS、Android 和 Windows Phone)上提供完整的功能。Microsoft Stream is available on mobile browsers with full functionality across all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

是否可从 Microsoft Stream 中实时传送视频流?Can I do live streaming from Microsoft Stream?

目前,实时传送视频流功能暂不可用,但计划在将来版本中推出。Currently, Live streaming capabilities are not available but are planned for a future release.

Microsoft Stream 支持哪些语言?What languages does Microsoft Stream support?

有关支持的语言列表,请参阅本地化 Microsoft Stream 主题。See the Localize Microsoft Stream topic for the list of supported languages.

能否自动生成已上传视频的隐藏式字幕?Can closed captions automatically be generated for uploaded videos?

是。Yes. 目前,如果已上传视频已设置语言字段且视频语言为英语或西班牙语,Microsoft Stream 将自动生成此类视频的隐藏式字幕。Microsoft Stream currently will automatically generate a closed caption for an uploaded video if the video has the language field set and the language spoken in the video is either english or spanish. 有关详细信息,请参阅生成自动字幕主题。See the Generate automatic captions topic for more information.

是否可在世界各地使用 Microsoft Stream?Is Microsoft Stream available globally?

可在世界各地使用 Microsoft Stream。Microsoft Stream is available globally.

Microsoft Stream 的视频存储工作原理是什么?How does video storage work for Microsoft Stream?

Microsoft Stream 会在基于 Azure 生成的自己服务中存储视频和元数据。Microsoft Stream stores videos and metadata in it's own service built on top of Azure. 因此,它拥有自己的已上传视频存储配额。As such it's own storage quota for videos uploaded. 只有上传的原始视频才会计入配额,用于自适应流式处理的转码副本不计入配额。Only the original videos uploaded will count against the quota, transcoded copies for adaptive streaming do not count against your quota. 若要详细了解存储,请参阅许可概述主题。See the Licensing overview topic for more information on storage.

Microsoft Stream 的 Office 365 符合性类别是什么?What is the Office 365 Compliance Category for Microsoft Stream?

从 2018 年 2 月开始,Microsoft Stream 在 Office 365 符合性框架中被归类为 C 层服务。As of February 2018, Microsoft Stream is classified as a tier C service within the Office 365 Compliance Framework.

了解有关 Office 365 符合性框架文档的详细信息,并查看每层中的认证和标准:Learn more from the Office 365 Compliance framework documentation and see which certifications and standards are in each tier:

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