Windows 更新和驱动程序分发支持Windows Update and Driver Distribution Support


此内容仅适用于 Sysdev 仪表板,该仪表板将被 Windows 硬件开发人员中心仪表板替代。This content applies to the Sysdev dashboard, which is being replaced by the Windows Hardware Dev Center Dashboard. 请参阅 Windows 硬件开发人员中心仪表板,以获取当前支持和过渡日程表。See Windows Hardware Dev Center Dashboard for current support and transition timelines.

Windows 和相关硬件支持的一个目标很简单:客户不必考虑查找驱动程序或其他软件就可以使其硬件适用于 Windows。One goal for Windows and related hardware support is simple: customers should not have to think about finding drivers or other software to enable their hardware to work with Windows. Windows 通过 Windows 更新中十分成熟的服务来自动查找和安装必需的驱动程序和软件。Windows finds and installs the necessary drivers and software automatically through the well-proven services of Windows Update.

多年来,Microsoft 与合作伙伴一起协作,以支持整个硬件生态系统使用 Windows 平台部署服务来服务产品。Microsoft has been working with partners for several years to enable the entire hardware ecosystem to use the Windows platform deployment services to service products.

通过向硬件制造商提供可扩展的基础结构来满足 Windows 客户的需求(无论他们具有哪种硬件),我们在与管理 Windows 更新中的驱动程序发布相关的要求和再分发协议方面取得了进展。We’ve made advances related to the requirements and redistribution agreements that govern the publication of drivers on Windows Update by providing hardware manufacturers with a scalable infrastructure to service the needs of Windows customers, no matter what hardware they have. 当前,Windows 更新提供一个广泛的驱动程序资源池,可对 Windows XP、Windows Vista、Windows 7、Windows 8 和 Windows 8.1 的现有驱动程序覆盖范围进行补充。Windows Update currently provides a deep pool of drivers to supplement the inbox driver coverage for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. Microsoft 将继续为客户提供这些驱动程序,并增加已通过硬件认证提交过程测试和提交的其他驱动程序。Microsoft will continue to provide those drivers for customers, adding additional drivers that have been tested and submitted through the Hardware Certification submission process. 加入到认证计划中的硬件制造商可以在硬件仪表板驱动程序分发服务中查看他们的驱动程序状态。Hardware manufacturers who are enrolled in the Certification Program can view the status of their drivers on the Hardware Dashboard Driver Distribution Service.

有关 Windows 更新硬件相关的软件内容策略的信息,请参阅本文档For information about Windows Update hardware-related software content policy, see this document.

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