"开始"菜单错误疑难解答Troubleshoot Start Menu errors

启动故障可以分类为以下类别:Start failures can be organized into these categories:

  • 部署/安装问题 - 最易于发现,但很难恢复。Deployment/Install issues - Easiest to identify but difficult to recover. 此故障一定性且通常是永久的。This failure is consistent and usually permanent. 重置、从备份还原或回退以恢复。Reset, restore from backup, or rollback to recover.
  • 性能问题 - 与较旧的硬件和低能源计算机更常见。Performance issues - More common with older hardware, low-powered machines. 包括以下内容:高 CPU 使用率、光盘内容、内存资源。Symptoms include: High CPU utilization, disk contention, memory resources. 这会让"开始"菜单响应速度非常慢。This makes Start very slow to respond. 行为因可用资源间不确定。Behavior is intermittent depending on available resources.
  • 崩溃 - 还易于识别。Crashes - Also easy to identify. 在 Shell 体验主机中崩溃或相关的时间可能在系统或应用程序事件日志中找到。Crashes in Shell Experience Host or related can be found in System or Application event logs. 这可以是某个代码缺失或与程序或注册表项不正确的权限或系统不正确的安全性错误性的代码影响或备用的代码。This can be a code defect or related to missing or altered permissions to files or registry keys by a program or incorrect security tightening configurations. 确定权限问题可能会有时费用,但是名为"协议"的 SysInternals 工具将 显示 Access 被拒绝Determining permissions issues can be time consuming but a SysInternals tool called Procmon will show Access Denied. 另一种选择是,当流程发生崩溃时就会获取转的过程转录,使用调试程序中的转盘来查看或是让支持审阅数据。The other option is to get a dump of the process when it crashes and depending on comfort level, review the dump in the debugger, or have support review the data.
  • 在 Shell 体验主机 或相关的位置,出现不动。Hangs in Shell Experience host or related. 只要将记录的事件记录成几个事件,但行为通常是间接或恢复带有重新启动的问题,这是难以确定的问题。These are the hardest issues to identify as there are few events logged, but behavior is typically intermittent or recovers with a reboot. 如果后台应用程序或服务停用,"开始"屏幕将没有资源以时做出响应。If a background application or service hangs, Start will not have resources to respond in time. "清理启动"有助于确定问题是否与其他软件相关。Clean boot may help identify if the issue is related to additional software. Procmon 在此方案中也同样有用。Procmon is also useful in this scenario.
  • 其他问题 - 自定义、域策略、部署问题。Other issues - Customization, domain policies, deployment issues.

基本故障排答Basic troubleshooting

在解决基本的"开始"问题 (等主要问题时,其他所有 Windows 应用) 都需要检查它们是否无法正常工作。When troubleshooting basic Start issues (and for the most part, all other Windows apps), there are a few things to check if they are not working as expected. 如果出现"开始"菜单或子组件无法正常工作的问题,可以使用一些快速测试来缩小问题所在的范围。When experiencing issues where the Start Menu or sub-component are not working, there are some quick tests to narrow down where the issue may reside.

检查操作系统并更新版本Check the OS and update version

  • 系统运行最新功能和累计每月更新吗?Is the system running the latest Feature and Cumulative Monthly update?
  • 问题是在更新后立即开始启动的吗?Did the issue start immediately after an update? 检查方法:Ways to check:
    • Powershell:[System.Environment]::OSVersion.VersionPowershell:[System.Environment]::OSVersion.Version
    • 来自 CMD.exe的 WinVerWinVer from CMD.exe

检查"开始"菜单是否已安装Check if Start is installed

  • 如果在功能更新后"开始"失败,进行检查的时请检查的目的是应用包无法成功安装。If Start fails immediately after a feature update, on thing to check is if the App package failed to install successfully.

  • 如果"开始"屏幕运行后出现间性故障,则可能是"开始"屏幕已正确安装,但该问题发生在下流中。If Start was working and just fails intermittently, it's likely that Start is installed correctly, but the issue occurs downstream. 检查此应的方法是找寻以下两个 PS 命令的输出:The way to check for this is to look for output from these two PS commands:

    • get-AppXPackage -Name Microsoft.Windows.ShellExperienceHost

    • get-AppXPackage -Name Microsoft.Windows.Cortana

      cmdlet 输出示例

      未安装失败消息Failure messages will appear if they are not installed

  • 如果未安装"开始"屏幕,则最快分辨率就是还原到已知的配置。If Start is not installed the fastest resolution is to revert to a known good configuration. 此操作可以回退更新,重置电脑到默认值 (从此处可保存用于删除用户数据) 或从备份还原。This can be rolling back the update, resetting the PC to defaults (where there is a choice to save to delete user data), or restoring from backup. 没有支持安装 Start Appx 文件的方法。There is no supported method to install Start Appx files. 结果通常是问题的,无法再靠到。The results are often problematic and unreliable.

检查"开始"菜单是否正在运行Check if Start is running

如果任何一个组件无法在启动时启动,在启动时检查事件日志是否存在错误或崩溃可能会造成问题。If either component is failing to start on boot, reviewing the event logs for errors or crashes during boot may pin point the problem. 使用 MSCONFIG 启动和使用选择性或诊断启动选项将消除和/或识别其他应用程序中的可能干引。Booting with MSCONFIG and using a selective or diagnostic startup option will eliminate and/or identify possible interference from additional applications.

  • get-process -name shellexperiencehost
  • get-process -name searchui

如果它已安装但未运行,请测试进入安全模式或使用 MSCONFIG 消除第三方或其他驱动程序和应用程序的启动。If it is installed but not running, test booting into safe mode or use MSCONFIG to eliminate 3rd party or additional drivers and applications.

检查系统是清理安装还是升级系统Check whether the system a clean install or upgrade

  • 此系统是升级还是新安装?Is this system an upgrade or clean install?
    • 运行Run test-path "$env:windir\panther\miglog.xml"
    • 如果该文件不存在,则系统已安装清理。If that file does not exist, the system is a clean install.
  • 可通过运行Upgrade issues can be found by running test-path "$env:windir\panther\miglog.xml"

检查"开始"菜单是否已注册或激活Check if Start is registered or activated

  • 将以下事件日志导出到 CSV,并在文本编辑器或电子表格中执行关键字搜索:Export the following Event log to CSV and do a keyword search in a text editor or spreadsheet:
    • 适用于 Microsoft.Windows.ShellExperienceHost 或 Microsoft.Windows.Cortana 的 Microsoft-Windows-TWinUI/OperationalMicrosoft-Windows-TWinUI/Operational for Microsoft.Windows.ShellExperienceHost or Microsoft.Windows.Cortana
      • "未找到包""Package was not found"
      • "注册表无效""Invalid value for registry"
      • "未找到元素""Element not found"
      • "无法注册包""Package could not be registered"

如果找到了这些事件,则"开始"屏幕未正确激活。If these events are found, Start is not activated correctly. 每个事件在提要中具有更多详细信息,并进一步调查。Each event will have more detail in the description and should be investigated further. 事件消息可能有所不同。Event messages can vary.

要考虑的其他事项Other things to consider

这是何时开始的?When did this start?

  • "开始"菜单失败的主要问题触发Top issues for Start Menu failure are triggered
    • 更新后After an update
    • 安装应用程序之后After installation of an application
    • 加入域或应用域策略后After joining a domain or applying a domain policy
  • 这里许多问题都被发现Many of those issues are found to be
    • 对注册表项或文件夹进行权限更改Permission changes on Registry keys or folders
    • 启动或相关的组件崩溃或暂停Start or related component crashes or hangs
    • 自定义故障Customization failure

要进一步缩小此范围,最好记下:To narrow this down further, it's good to note:

  • 什么是安装背景?What is the install background?

    • 以后会进行该部署,从媒体进行安装,以后再安装Was this a deployment, install from media, other
    • 使用的是自定义项?Using customizations?
      • DISMDISM
      • 组策略或 MDMGroup Policy or MDM
      • copyprofilecopyprofile
      • SysprepSysprep
      • OtherOther
  • 加入域Domain-joined

    • 限制对文件夹或注册表项的访问或权限时可能会导致"开始"性能问题的组策略设置。Group policy settings that restrict access or permissions to folders or registry keys can cause issues with Start performance.
    • 面向 Windows 7 或更高版本的一些组策略已知会导致"开始"菜单问题Some Group Policies intended for Windows 7 or older have been known to cause issues with Start
    • 未更新的"开始"菜单自定义项通常不会完成"开始"失败,从而导致异常行为。Untested Start Menu customizations can cause unexpected behavior by typically not complete Start failures.
  • 这是虚拟环境?Is this a virtualized environment?

    • VMwareVMware
    • CitrixCitrix
    • OtherOther

检查记录开始问题的事件日志:Check Event logs that record Start Issues:

  • 系统事件日志System Event log

  • 应用程序事件日志Application Event log

  • Microsoft/Windows/Shell-Core*Microsoft/Windows/Shell-Core*

  • Microsoft/Windows/Apps/Microsoft/Windows/Apps/

  • Microsoft-Windows-TWinUI*Microsoft-Windows-TWinUI*

  • Microsoft/Windows/AppReadiness*Microsoft/Windows/AppReadiness*

  • Microsoft/Windows/AppXDeployment*Microsoft/Windows/AppXDeployment*

  • Microsoft-Windows-PushNotification-Platform/OperationalMicrosoft-Windows-PushNotification-Platform/Operational

  • Microsoft-Windows-CoreApplication/OperationalMicrosoft-Windows-CoreApplication/Operational

  • Microsoft-Windows-ShellCommon-StartLayoutPopulation*Microsoft-Windows-ShellCommon-StartLayoutPopulation*

  • Microsoft-Windows-CloudStore*Microsoft-Windows-CloudStore*

  • 检查是否存在与"开始"菜单项 (explorer.exe、 任务栏等相关的) Check for crashes that may be related to Start (explorer.exe, taskbar, etc)

    • 1000、1001 的应用程序日志事件 1000Application log event 1000, 1001
    • 查看 WER 报告Check WER reports
      • C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportArchiveC:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\ReportArchive\
      • C:\ProgramData\Micrt\Windowsosof\WER\ReportQueueC:\ProgramData\Micrt\Windowsosof\WER\ReportQueue\

如果"开始"屏幕组件一直有崩溃,则捕获可由 Microsoft 支持审阅的转变。If there is a component of Start that is consistently crashing, capture a dump which can be reviewed by Microsoft Support.

常见错误和操作Common errors and mitigation

以下列表提供了有关你使用"开始"菜单可能会遇到的常见错误的信息以及有助于避开这些错误的步骤。The following list provides information about common errors you might run into with Start Menu, as well as steps to help you mitigate them.

主题:"开始"菜单不对 Windows 2012 R2、Windows 10 或 Windows 2016 没有响应Symptom: Start Menu doesn't respond on Windows 2012 R2, Windows 10, or Windows 2016

因:未启动后台任务基 (结构) 基础结构。Cause: Background Tasks Infrastructure Service (BrokerInfrastructure) service is not started.

解决方法:确保服务基础结构服务已设置为服务 MMC 中的自动启动。Resolution: Ensure that Background Tasks Infrastructure Service is set to automatic startup in Services MMC.

如果后台任务基础结构服务无法启动,请验证未禁用或删除 Power 依赖关系协调器驱动程序 (电脑) 驱动程序和注册表项。If Background Tasks Infrastructure Service fails to start, verify that the Power Dependency Coordinator Driver (PDC) driver and registry key are not disabled or deleted. 如果缺少任何一个,请从备份还原或安装媒体。If either are missing, restore from backup or the installation media.

若要验证 PDC 服务,请在命令 C:\>sc query pdc 提示符下运行。To verify the PDC Service, run C:\>sc query pdc in a command prompt. 其结果类似于:The results will be similar to the following:


PDC 服务 pdc.sys使用位于 %WinDir%\system32\drivers 中的文件。The PDC service uses pdc.sys located in the %WinDir%\system32\drivers.

PDC 注册表项是: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\pdc 描述="@%SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\pdc.sys,-101" DisplayName="@%SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\pdc.sys,-100" ErrorControl=dword:00000003 Group="Boot Bus Exten "ImagePath=hex (2) :73,00,79,00,73,00,74,00,65,00,6d,00,33,00,32,00,5c,00,64,00,00,The PDC registry key is: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\pdc Description="@%SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\pdc.sys,-101" DisplayName="@%SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\pdc.sys,-100" ErrorControl=dword:00000003 Group="Boot Bus Extender" ImagePath=hex(2):73,00,79,00,73,00,74,00,65,00,6d,00,33,00,32,00,5c,00,64,00,</span> 72,00,69,00,76,00,65,00,72,00,73,00,5c,00,70,00,64,00,63,00,2e,00,73,00,79,72,00,69,00,76,00,65,00,72,00,73,00,5c,00,70,00,64,00,63,00,2e,00,73,00,79,
00,73,00,00,00 开始=dword:00000000 Type=dword:0000000100,73,00,00,00 Start=dword:00000000 Type=dword:00000001

除了列出的服务的依赖关系外,后台任务基础结构服务还要求加载电源相关协调器驱动程序。In addition to the listed dependencies for the service, Background Tasks Infrastructure Service requires the Power Dependency Coordinator Driver to be loaded. 如果启动时未加载 PDC,后台任务基础结构服务将失败且影响"开始"菜单。If the PDC does not load at boot, Background Tasks Infrastructure Service will fail and affect Start Menu. 事件日志中将记录电脑事件和后台任务基础结构服务事件。Events for both PDC and Background Tasks Infrastructure Service will be recorded in the event logs. PDC 不应处于禁用或删除状态。PDC should not be disabled or deleted. BrokerInfrastructure 是一种自动服务。BrokerInfrastructure is an automatic service. 所有这些操作系统都需要使用此服务才能拥有合理的"开始"菜单。This Service is required for all these operating Systems as running to have a stable Start Menu.


计算机运行的设备未 (C:\windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch -p) 。You cannot stop this automatic service when machine is running (C:\windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch -p).

Symptom:从 1511 版升级到 1607 版的 Windows 之后,组策略"从'开始'菜单中删除所有程序列表"可能无法正常工作Symptom: After upgrading from 1511 to 1607 versions of Windows, the Group Policy "Remove All Programs list from the Start Menu" may not work

因:Windows 10 版本 1511 和 1607 之间,"所有应用"列表中发生了变化。Cause: There was a change in the All Apps list between Windows 10, versions 1511 and 1607. 这些更改意味着原始组策略和相应的注册表项不再应用。These changes mean the original Group Policy and corresponding registry key no longer apply.

解决方法:此问题已在 2017 年 6 月更新中解决。Resolution: This issue was resolved in the June 2017 updates. 请将 Windows 10 版本 1607 更新到最新累计或功能更新。Please update Windows 10, version 1607 to the latest cumulative or feature updates.


启用组策略后,还需要选择所需的行为。When the Group Policy is enabled, the desired behavior also needs to be selected. 默认情况下设置为" "。By default, it is set to None.

摘要:应用程序磁贴(如"警钟"、"计算器"和"边缘")没有从"开始"菜单中显示,且"设置"应用在删除本地用户配置文件时无法在 Windows 10 版本 1709 上打开Symptom: Application tiles like Alarm, Calculator, and Edge are missing from Start Menu and the Settings app fails to open on Windows 10, version 1709 when a local user profile is deleted


因:未检测到首次登录体验,不会触发某些应用的安装的已知问题。Cause: This is a known issue where the first-time logon experience is not detected and does not trigger the install of some Apps.

解决方法:此问题已在 Windows 10 版本 1709 KB 4089848 36ch 2018 年 3 月 22 日内修复 — KB4089848 (OS 内部版本 16299.334) Resolution: This issue has been fixed for Windows 10, version 1709 in KB 4089848 March 22, 2018—KB4089848 (OS Build 16299.334)

符号:尝试自定义"开始"菜单布局时,自定义项不得应用或不符合预期Symptom: When attempting to customize Start Menu layout, the customizations do not apply or results are not expected

因:解决此问题有两个主要原因:Cause: There are two main reasons for this issue:

  • 格式:通过添加额外空格或空格、输入错误字符或保存格式错误,来编辑 xml 文件错误。Incorrect format: Editing the xml file incorrectly by adding an extra space or spaces, entering a bad character, or saving in the wrong format.

    • 要确定格式是否正确,请检查 事件 ID:"Applications and Services\Microsoft\Windows\ShellCommon-StartLayoutPopulation\Operational"日志中的 22。To tell if the format is incorrect, check for Event ID: 22 in the "Applications and Services\Microsoft\Windows\ShellCommon-StartLayoutPopulation\Operational" log.
    • 当格式化 xml 时将记录事件 ID 22,这意味着指定的文件无效。Event ID 22 is logged when the xml is malformed, meaning the specified file simply isn’t valid xml.
    • 在编辑 xml 文件时,应将其以 UTF-8 格式保存。When editing the xml file, it should be saved in UTF-8 format.
  • 意外信息:当可能尝试通过意外或未记录的方法添加磁贴时,会出现这种现代行为。Unexpected information: This occurs when possibly trying to add a tile via unexpected or undocumented method.

    • 事件 ID:当 xml 有效但具有意外值时,将记录 64。Event ID: 64 is logged when the xml is valid but has unexpected values.
    • 例如:分析布局 xml 文件时发生以下错误:元素"{ "{" 在 DTD/Schema 中未定义"LayoutCustomizationRestrictiontype"属性 http://schemas.microsoft.com/Start/2014/LayoutModification}DefaultLayoutOverrideFor example: The following error occurred while parsing a layout xml file: The attribute 'LayoutCustomizationRestrictiontype' on the element '{http://schemas.microsoft.com/Start/2014/LayoutModification}DefaultLayoutOverride' is not defined in the DTD/Schema.

在部署或按组策略部署或应用前,XML 文件可以在 Hyper-V 本地或其他虚拟机上本地测试XML files can and should be tested locally on a Hyper-V or other virtual machine before deployment or application by Group Policy

符号:启动期间使用 F12 刷新电脑后,"开始"菜单不再运行Symptom: Start menu no longer works after a PC is refreshed using F12 during start up

说明:如果用户遇到电脑方面的问题,可以刷新、重置或恢复。Description: If a user is having problems with a PC, is can be refreshed, reset, or restored. 刷新 PC 是一种有用的选择,因为它将保留个人文件和设置。Refreshing the PC is a beneficial option because it maintains personal files and settings. 当用户启动电脑时出现问题时,无法在"设置"中"更改电脑设置"。When users have trouble starting the PC, "Change PC settings" in Settings is not accessible. 因此,要访问系统刷新,用户可能在启动时可以使用 F12 键。So, to access the System Refresh, users may use the F12 key at start up. 刷新电脑完成,但无法访问"开始"菜单。Refreshing the PC finishes, but Start Menu is not accessible.

因:这是一个已知问题,已在 2018 年 8 月 30 日发布的累计更新中解决。Cause: This is a known issue and has been resolved in a cumulative update released August 30th 2018.

解决方法:安装正确的更新; 2018 年 9 月 11 日发布的修补程序包含在 2018 年 9 月 11 日发布中Resolution: Install corrective updates; a fix is included in the September 11, 2018-KB4457142 release.

用作用:"开始"菜单中缺少"所有应用"列表Symptom: The All Apps list is missing from Start menu

因:"从"开始"菜单中删除所有"程序"列表已启用。Cause: “Remove All Programs list from the Start menu" Group Policy is enabled.

解决方案: 禁用"从'开始'菜单中删除所有程序"列表"组策略。Resolution: Disable the “Remove All Programs list from the Start menu" Group Policy.

表单:使用 Windows 10 版本 1703 或更高版本、Windows Server 2016 以及使用"开始"布局漫游用户配置文件时,从"开始"菜单中缺少磁贴Symptom: Tiles are missing from the Start Menu when using Windows 10, version 1703 or older, Windows Server 2016, and Roaming User Profiles with a Start layout

描述:Windows10 中有两个不同的"开始"菜单问题:Description: There are two different Start Menu issues in Windows 10:

  • 在启动布局中配置的磁贴无法漫游。Administrator configured tiles in the start layout fail to roam.
  • 不会漫游用户启动布局的更改。User-initiated changes to the start layout are not roamed.

特别是行为包括Specifically, behaviors include

  • 突 ("开始"菜单中) 或图标的应用程序或图标丢失。Applications (apps or icons) pinned to the start menu are missing.
  • 整个磁贴窗口都会消失。Entire tile window disappears.
  • "开始"按钮无法响应。The start button fails to respond.
  • 如果创建了新的漫游用户,则会显示第一个登录正常,但在后续登录时,磁贴缺失。If a new roaming user is created, the first logon appears normal, but on subsequent logons, tiles are missing.


在新漫游用户配置文件的首次登录时使用布局Working layout on first sign-in of a new roaming user profile


后续登录失败布局Failing layout on subsequent sign-ins

因:计时问题存在,即在从漫游用户配置文件的本地提取数据之前"开始"菜单准备就绪。Cause: A timing issue exists where the Start Menu is ready before the data is pulled locally from the Roaming User Profile. 由于代码路径不同并且较慢,此问题不会在新的漫游用户的第一次登录时发生。The issue does not occur on first logons of a new roaming user, as the code path is different and slower.

解决方法:自 2017年 3 月开始,在 Windows 10 版本 1703 和 1607 中已解决了此问题。Resolution: This issue has been resolved in Windows 10, versions 1703 and 1607, cumulative updates as of March 2017.

索进:升级到 Windows 10 版本 1703 后,启动菜单布局自定义将丢失Symptom: Start Menu layout customizations are lost after upgrading to Windows 10, version 1703


升级之前:Before the upgrade:


升级用户固定的磁贴后:After the upgrade the user pinned tiles are missing:


此外,如果在没有网络连接的情况下尝试登录,用户可能会看到空白磁贴。Additionally, users may see blank tiles if logon was attempted without network connectivity.


解决方法:此更新已在 2017 年 10 月更新中修复Resolution: This is fixed in October 2017 update.

Symptom:在将 Windows 10 版 1607 升级到版本 1709 后,为具有"转移用户配置文件"-"RUP" (的用户,将) 启用和管理的"开始"菜单布局(具有部分锁定)后,磁贴缺失Symptom: Tiles are missing after upgrade from Windows 10, version 1607 to version 1709 for users with Roaming User Profiles (RUP) enabled and managed Start Menu layout with partial lockdown

解决方法 2018 年 4 月 LCU 必须首先应用于 Windows 10 版本 1709,然后才能在用户登录之前使用。Resolution The April 2018 LCU must be applied to Windows 10, version 1709 before a user logs on.

表单:如果在 Sysprep 期间在回答文件中使用 CopyProfile 选项,则不应用"启动菜单"和/或任务栏布局自定义Symptom: Start Menu and/or Taskbar layout customizations are not applied if CopyProfile option is used in an answer file during Sysprep

解决率:尝试使用单个数字自定义"开始"菜单或任务栏时,不再支持 CopyProfile layoutmodification.xml。Resolution: CopyProfile is no longer supported when attempting to customize Start Menu or taskbar with a layoutmodification.xml.

空:开始菜单问题映在磁贴数据层已有中断Symptom: Start Menu issues with Tile Data Layer corruption

因:在版本 1607 的发布中,Windows 107 将为磁贴图像信息使用数据库。Cause: Windows 10, version 1507 through the release of version 1607 uses a database for the Tile image information. 这称为"磁贴数据层 (在 Windows 10 1703 中弃用 了此) 功能。This is called the Tile Data Layer database (The feature was deprecated in Windows 10 1703).

解决方法 你可以采取一些步骤修复图标,首先是确认存在需要解决的问题。Resolution There are steps you can take to fix the icons, first is to confirm that is the issue that needs to be addressed.

  1. 当您单击磁贴时,应用或应用程序可以正常工作。The App or Apps work fine when you click on the tiles.
  2. 磁贴是空的,有通用占位符图标有错误或范围标题信息。The tiles are blank, have a generic placeholder icon, have the wrong or strange title information.
  3. 应用缺失,但是用 Powershell 列出并适用于通过 URI 启动的设备。The app is missing, but listed as installed via Powershell and works if you launch via URI.
    • 示例:Example: windows-feedback://
  4. 在某些情况下,"开始"屏幕可以为空白,"操作中心"和"Cortana"不启动。In some cases, Start can be blank, and Action Center and Cortana do not launch.


暂时恢复将从"开始"菜单中删除所有手动图图。Corruption recovery removes any manual pins from Start. 应用仍应保持可见,但你将需要将任何辅助磁贴和/或将应用磁贴固定到主"开始"视图。Apps should still be visible, but you’ll need to re-pin any secondary tiles and/or pin app tiles to the main Start view. 但是,你已安装的 Web 应用程序完全缺少在"所有应用"中。Aps that you have installed that are completely missing from “all apps” is unexpected, however. 这意图意图无法实现注册。That implies the re-registration didn’t work.

  • 打开命令提示符并运行以下命令:Open a command prompt, and run the following command:
C:\Windows\System32\tdlrecover.exe -reregister -resetlayout -resetcache

虽然重新启动并不是必需的,但它可能会在命令运行后帮助清除任何识别问题。Although a reboot is not required, it may help clear up any residual issues after the command is run.

Symptoss 格式:安装 Symantec Endpoint Protection 时,"开始"菜单和应用无法在升级到 Windows 10 版本 1809 后启动Symptoms: Start Menu and Apps cannot start after upgrade to Windows 10 version 1809 when Symantec Endpoint Protection is installed

说明 "开始"菜单,在升级安装了 Symantec 终结点保护的计算机(安装了到 Windows 10 版本 1809)后,搜索和应用不会启动。Description Start Menu, Search and Apps do not start after you upgrade a Windows 7-based computer that has Symantec Endpoint Protection installed to Windows 10 version 1809.

原因 发生此错误的原因是加载失sysfer.dll。Cause This occurs because of a failure to load sysfer.dll. 升级期间,设置过程不会设置设置数据类型上的权限组"所有应用程序包"sysfer.dll其他 Symantec 模块。During upgrade, the setup process does not set the privilege group "All Application Packages" on sysfer.dll and other Symantec modules.

解决方法 此问题已由 2018 年 12 月 5 日发布的 Windows 累计更新修复 — KB4469342 (操作系统版本 17763.168) 。Resolution This issue was fixed by the Windows Cumulative Update that were released on December 5, 2018—KB4469342 (OS Build 17763.168).

如果已遇到此问题,请使用以下两个选项之一来解决此问题:If you have already encountered this issue, use one of the following two options to fix the issue:

选项 1 从 sysfer.dll32 文件夹删除电子邮件并将其复制回来。Option 1 Remove sysfer.dll from system32 folder and copy it back. Windows 会自动设置权限。Windows will set privilege automatically.

选项 2Option 2

  1. 找到目录 C:\Windows\system32。Locate the directory C:\Windows\system32.

  2. 右键单击菜单sysfer.dll然后选择" 属性"。Right-click on sysfer.dll and choose Properties.

  3. 切换到"安全 " 选项卡。Switch to the Security tab.

  4. 确认缺 少"所有 应用程序包"组。Confirm that All Application Packages group is missing.

  5. 单击 " 编辑",然后单击 "添加 "以添加组。Click Edit, and then click Add to add the group.

  6. 测试"开始"和"其他应用"。Test Start and other Apps.