设置加载项产品类型和产品 IDSet your add-on product type and product ID

加载项必须与你已在合作伙伴中心创建 (即使你并未提交) 的应用相关联。An add-on must be associated with an app that you've created in Partner Center (even if you haven't submitted it yet). 可在应用的概述页面或加载项页面找到创建新加载项的按钮。You can find the button to Create a new add-on on your app's Overview page or on its Add-ons page.

选中创建新加载项后,系统将提示你指定产品类型并为加载项分配产品 ID。After you select Create a new add-on, you'll be prompted to specify a product type and assign a product ID for your add-on.

产品类型Product type

首先,你将需要指示所提供的加载项类型。First, you'll need to indicate which type of add-on you are offering. 该选择是指客户使用加载项的方式。This selection refers to how the customer can use your add-on.


在保存此创建加载项的页面后,将无法更改该产品类型。You won't be able to change the product type after you save this page to create the add-on. 如果选择了错误的产品类型,可以随时删除正在提交的加载项,然后从头开始创建新的加载项。If you choose the wrong product type, you can always delete your in-progress add-on submission and start over by creating a new add-on.


如果加载项通常只需要购买一次,则选中耐用品作为产品类型。Select Durable as your product type if your add-on is typically purchased only once. 此类加载项通常用于解锁应用中的额外功能。These add-ons are often used to unlock additional functionality in an app.

耐用型加载项的默认产品生命周期永久,这意味着加载项永不过期。The default Product lifetime for a durable add-on is Forever, which means the add-on never expires. 可以在加载项提交过程的属性步骤中,选择将产品生命周期更改为不同的持续时间。You have the option to set the Product lifetime to a different duration in the Properties step of the add-on submission process. 若执行此操作,则加载项的过期时间将晚于你指定的持续时间(可选择 1 至 365 天),这种情况下,客户可在加载项过期后再次购买。If you do so, the add-on will expire after the duration you specify (with options from 1-365 days), in which case a customer could purchase it again after it expires.


如果加载项可以购买、使用(消耗),并且可以重新购买,你将希望选择一种易耗型产品类型。If the add-on can be purchased, used (consumed), and then purchased again, you'll want to select one of the consumable product types. 易耗型加载项通常用于客户可按固定数量购买然后会使用完毕的产品,例如游戏货币(金币、硬币等)。Consumable add-ons are often used for things like in-game currency (gold, coins, etc.) which can be purchased in set amounts and then used up by the customer. 有关详细信息,请参阅支持购买易耗型加载项For more info, see Enable consumable add-on purchases.

易耗型加载项的类型有两种:There are two types of consumable add-ons:

  • 开发人员管理的易耗品:必须在应用中管理平衡和实施情况。Developer-managed consumable: Balance and fulfillment must be managed within your app. 所有的操作系统版本都支持。Supported on all OS versions.
  • 应用商店管理的易耗品: Microsoft 会跟踪运行 Windows 10 版本 1607 或更高版本的所有客户设备的平衡;所有较早的操作系统版本不支持此功能。Store-managed consumable: Balance will be tracked by Microsoft across all of the customer’s devices running Windows 10, version 1607 or later; not supported on any earlier OS versions. 若要使用此选项,父产品必须使用 Windows 10 SDK 版本 14393 或更高版本编译。To use this option, the parent product must be compiled using Windows 10 SDK version 14393 or later. 另请注意,(但可以在合作伙伴中心中创建提交,并在任何时间开始处理) 发布父产品前,你无法将应用商店管理的易耗型加载项添加到应用商店。Also note that you can't submit a Store-managed consumable add-on to the Store until the parent product has been published (though you can create the submission in Partner Center and begin working on it at any time). 需要在提交的属性步骤中输入应用商店管理的易耗型加载项数量。You'll need to enter the quantity for your Store-managed consumable add-on in the Properties step of your submission.


若希望定期向客户收取加载项费用,则选择订阅If your want to charge customers on a recurring basis for your add-on, choose Subscription.

客户最初获取订阅加载项后,将定期支付费用以继续使用此加载项。After a subscription add-on is initially acquired by a customer, they will continue to be charged at recurring intervals in order to keep using the add-on. 客户可以随时取消订阅,以免日后继续产生费用。The customer can cancel the subscription at any time to avoid further charges. 你需要指定订阅期,以及是否在提交中的属性步骤提供免费试用版。You'll need to specify the subscription period, and whether or not to offer a free trial, in the Properties step of your submission.

订阅加载项仅适用于运行 Windows 10、版本 1607 或更高版本的客户。Subscription add-ons are only supported for customers running Windows 10, version 1607 or later. 必须使用 Windows 10 SDK 版本 14393 或更高版本编译父应用,并且必须使用 Windows.Services.Store 命名空间(而不是 Windows.ApplicationModel.Store 命名空间)中的应用内购买 API。The parent app must be compiled using Windows 10 SDK version 14393 or later and it must use the in-app purchase API in the Windows.Services.Store namespace instead of the Windows.ApplicationModel.Store namespace. 有关详细信息,请参阅为应用启用订阅加载项For more info, see Enable subscription add-ons for your app.

你可以将订阅加载项发布到应用商店 (但可以在合作伙伴中心中创建提交,并在任何时间开始处理) 之前,必须提交父产品。You must submit the parent product before you can publish subscription add-ons to the Store (though you can create the submission in Partner Center and begin working on it at any time).

产品 IDProduct ID

无论选择何种产品类型,将需要为加载项输入唯一的产品 ID。Regardless of the product type you choose, you will need to enter a unique product ID for your add-on. 此名称将用于标识你的加载项在合作伙伴中心,并且可以使用此标识符来引用在代码中加载项This name will be used to identify your add-on in Partner Center, and you can use this identifier to refer to the add-on in your code.

以下是在选择产品 ID 时应记住的一些事项:Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a product ID:

  • 产品 ID 必须是唯一的父产品内。A product ID must be unique within the parent product.
  • 你无法在加载项发布后更改或删除其产品 ID。You can’t change or delete an add-on's product ID after it's been published.
  • 产品 ID 的长度不可超过 100 个字符。A product ID can't be more than 100 characters in length.
  • 产品 ID 不可包含以下任何字符:< > * % & : \ ? + ,A product ID cannot include any of the following characters: < > * % & : \ ? + ,
  • 客户不会看到产品 id。Customers won't see the product ID. (稍后,你可以输入一个用于向客户显示的标题和描述。)(Later, you can enter a title and description to be displayed to customers.)
  • 如果你以前发布的应用支持 Windows Phone 8.1 或更早版本,你必须只使用字母数字字符、 句点和/或下划线在你的产品 id。If your previously-published app supports Windows Phone 8.1 or earlier, you must only use alphanumeric characters, periods, and/or underscores in your product ID. 如果你使用任何其他类型的字符,该加载项将不可供运行 Windows Phone 8.1 或更早版本的客户购买。If you use any other types of characters, the add-on will not be available for purchase to customers running Windows Phone 8.1 or earlier.