Manager 见解Manager insights

Microsoft 工作区分析已为人员经理 (了新的仪表板体验,) 与您一起发现有关团队的协作效率和员工体验的关键见解的人员经理的 unveiled。Microsoft Workplace Analytics has unveiled a new dashboard experience for people managers (with 9+ team sizes) like you to discover key insights about your team’s collaboration effectiveness and employee experience.

Manager 见解

如何使用见解How to use insights

在了解团队中的协作规范的旅程中,可以使用这些见解作为第一步,并有效地促进协作的变化以改进团队 wellbeing 和生产率。You can use these insights as a first step in your journey toward understanding collaboration norms in your team, and effectively driving change in collaboration to improve team wellbeing and productivity. 下面是可以利用见解的一些方法。Here are some ways you can leverage insights.

  • 开发一个区域性为1:1 的指导 -了解团队成员与经理一起花费了多长时间,以及它们是否与您正在努力的文化环境保持一致。Develop a culture of 1:1 coaching - See how much time team members spend one-on-one with their managers and if they align with the culture you're striving for.
  • 改进会议和电子邮件习惯 -帮助您的团队减少过多会议和改进电子邮件习惯,以支持团队的有效性和工作效率。Improve meeting and email habits - Help your team reduce excessive meetings and improve email habits to support team effectiveness and productivity.
  • 支持团队 wellbeing -检查您的团队的后端工作习惯,并使用这些见解来平衡其日程安排灵活性,使其与断开连接的时间不远。Support team wellbeing - Check on your team’s after-hours work habits and use these insights to balance their schedule flexibility with time away to disconnect.
  • 跨团队协作 -查看您的团队与组织的其余部分进行协作的方式,并反映您可能如何帮助扩展工作组的网络。Cross-team collaboration - Review how your team is collaborating with the rest of the organization and reflect on how you might help expand your team's network.

为什么很重要Why it's important

每个洞察力都包括 支持的证据 和最佳做法,这些证据和 最佳做法 将您链接到相关信息,例如 Microsoft Workplace Insights,这些信息由以下内容创作:Each insight includes Supporting evidence and Best practices that link you to related information, such as Microsoft Workplace Insights, which are authored by:

  • 基于研究的行业专家Industry experts based on research
  • 有效使用工作区分析来提高业务成果的组织Organizations that have effectively used Workplace Analytics to improve their business outcomes

研究可帮助说明经理对其团队的生产率和 wellbeing 有如此大的影响:Research helps explain why managers have such a large impact on their team's productivity and wellbeing:

  • 经理在员工接洽成绩中占70% 的差异。Managers account for 70 percent of the variance in employee engagement scores.
  • 员工在其经理之后会对其行为建模。Employees tend to model their behaviors after their managers.
  • 在远程工作的情况下,在远程工作的情况下定期连接经理的员工将因工作日跨度和协作时间的增加而受到影响。Employees who regularly connect with their manager while working remotely are less impacted by increases in workday span and collaboration hours.

下面展示了有关经理一次性和工作时间团队协作的员工体验见解的示例。The following shows an example of an employee experience insight about manager one-on-one time and after-hours team collaboration.


如何开始使用How to get started

  • 请参阅 开始 登录并获取有关团队见解的更多详细信息。See Get started to log in and get more details about your team's insights.
  • 有问题?Have questions? 查看 faqReview the FAQs.

团队隐私很重要Team privacy is important

此仪表板使用 Outlook 和团队中的电子邮件、会议和聊天中的匿名数据来揭示有关您组织中的协作的见解。This dashboard uses anonymized data from emails, meetings, and chats in Outlook and Teams to uncover insights about collaboration in your organization. 作为经理,您只会看到有关您的团队的聚合数据,而不能访问个人数据。As a manager, you will only ever see aggregated data about your team with no access to an individual’s data.

仪表板还使用差异隐私将个人数据保持私密。The dashboard also uses differential privacy to keep personal data private. 差分隐私是一种技术,它允许研究人员和分析人员从包含个人信息的数据库中提取有用的信息,同时保护个人隐私。Differential privacy is a technology that allows researchers and analysts to pull useful information from databases containing personal information while simultaneously protecting individual privacy. 这是通过引入数据的微小变体来保护隐私,同时仍保持准确性,使经理对观察到的值具有信心。This is achieved by introducing slight variations to the data to protect privacy while still maintaining accuracy, so managers have confidence in the observed values.

若要了解有关差异隐私的详细信息,请参阅 Workplace Analytics In Workplace Analytics And 差分隐私(适用于每个人)。To learn more about differential privacy, see Differential Privacy in Workplace Analytics and Differential Privacy for Everyone.